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Crafty Sassy: Top 10 Free Crochet Halloween Stuffies

Hey Dearies! Since we are in the last week of October and Halloween is just days away, I figured I would share some of these super cute stuffies that you can make for this spooky holiday!

Note: I don’t own any of these patterns, all rights go to their original creators. I will be proving the link to the original patterns. Make sure that if you create any of these, please don’t claim the patterns as your own, these creators work hard to create these patterns!

Now, some of these patterns might be a little hard for beginners, but we love to challenge our skills! These are also perfect gifts to that person who are big fans of the Halloween season.

1. Cute Baby Ghost

2019-10-29 (2).png

This is super cute! I also love the little spider that they added on the side for the ghost! If you are wondering how their cheeks get pink, any lite blush or eyeshadow can create that effect.

2. Little Bat


This is another adorable pattern, I just love these cute baby bats!

3. Little Pumpkins


Last year, I made a bigger version of these mini pumpkins, although, I didn’t have enough time to make it more adorable. I’m tempted to make a mini one!

4. Sharlotte The Spider

2019-10-29 (1).png

If you don’t like real spiders, I think you’ll be on board with Sharlotte! This reminds me of Charlotte’s Web book I read back in elementary school.

5. Frankenstein

2019-10-29 (3).png

This little guy is freaking cute! These are perfect for the little ones to cuddle with at night. This creator has a few of these little guys and the next one is on this list!

6. Classic Vampire

2019-10-29 (4).png

I’m a big vampire fan and the reason why I said this was a ‘classic vampire’, because, well, it is. That and it doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight, that’s for sure. However, putting a little bit of highlight on it could make this little monster shine in the daylight.

7. Candy Corn Cuddler

2019-10-29 (5).png

This is something I would definitely create and put on my couch, however, my two-year-old would most likely take it whenever I wanted to cuddle with it. I can’t blame her either, that cuddler is too cute!

8. Zombie Bear


This bear is cute and spooky, just look at him. Now, this stuffy is one of those fun one that you can use your scrap yarn for. If you are a big Halloween fan, this might be something that you want to make for your spooky collection.

9. Oogie Boogie

2019-10-29 (6).png

If you already know who this guy is, then you must either have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas or are a HUGE fan of the movie. I couldn’t forget this guy, that’s for sure, but the best part, he’s a free pattern. And if you check out the creator, you’ll also find that they have created Zero and Jack, as well.

10. Hocus Pocus Witches

2019-10-29 (7).png

Well, I had to save the best for last! Hocus Pocus is one of those movies that you have to see every year for Halloween and when I saw this on Pinterest, I was so excited! More excited that the pattern was free!

Which ones were your favorites? Which one would you love to create for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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