About Me


My name is Katie and I am a mother to two beautiful children. My son, Liam, was born on June 25th, 2016 and my daughter, Isabella, was born on October 25th, 2017. My son passed away, a month before he turned a month old due to his heart disease.

I have a cat named Mary Jane.

I love to read and write. I write books in my free time on Wattpad. Love to work on crafts, such as knitting, crocheting, and looming. I will upload some videos of my tutorial and tips for those as well on YouTube. Also thinking of doing a podcast that would be live on YouTube. I haven’t thought of what I am going to do, yet, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Down below, I will leave my social media usernames and also my e-mail. Feel free to ask me anything or if you are in need to talk to someone, I am all ears.

Wattpad: katieasehl

YouTube: KatiePurrPurr

Twitter: @kfarrington97

Instagram: katiepurrpurr

Curious Cat: https://curiouscat.me/KatiePurrPurr