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Crafty Sassy: Top 5 Free Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy Patterns

Hey Dearies! Happy Thanksgiving! I figured since we are getting closer to Christmas, as crazy as it seems that its almost here! I would find some wine bottle patterns that would be perfect to make for those of you who have wine lovers in the family!

Not only are they simple to make, but they make a great way to bring a bottle of wine over for dinner. These are also reusable and I’ve added a pattern or two that is simple, no holiday theme, just in case you want to give a neutral wine cozy!

Before I begin, I just want to note that these aren’t my patterns, so all credit goes to the original owners! I will be adding the link to their websites so that you are able to create these amazing creations!

  1. Football Wine Cozy


These are perfect for the football fans that also love to drink wine! You could also change the wine bottle for a 24oz of beer, as an idea. Never a bad idea to drink wine and watch the famous football games they always have on Thanksgiving!

Football Wine Cozy

2. Striped Wine Cozy


Here is one of those simple patterns that you can create if you don’t want it to have a holiday theme. This also has a different type of stitch that you are working with as well, then it just being plain double crochet all around. You can also just use one main color as well!

Free Crochet Pattern Wine Bottle Cozy

3. Pumpkin Wine Cozy


I know what you are probably thinking, Halloween is over, but pumpkins tie into Thanksgiving. Especially if you want some pumpkin pie with a glass of wine! You could even switch the orange color for red and make an apple wine cozy instead.

Pumpkin Wine Cozy

4. Poinsettia Wine Cozy


This one is perfect for Christmas time, especially with the famous flower you see during the holiday season! The flower can be a challenge to create, but it is definitely worth a try! Also, if you don’t like the green that they used, you can always switch it out for a darker green or white, as well!

Poinsettia Wine Cozy

5. Snowman Wine Cozy


I had to save this one for last! This little guy is too cute! Plus he has a lot of detail put into him, which is simply incredible! If you were making a few of these, I can see you switching out the red for green, blue, purple, or any other color you can think of.

Crochet Snowman Wine Cozy


There you have it! Some new ideas for what to give out for Christmas!

With that being said, I wanted to let you know that I have new pattern ideas coming soon, but with Christmas around the corner, this is the time that I am working on towel toppers and gifts for my family before the big day.

I’ll be trying my best to be active and I’m going to be making another post on what we are going to be doing next year for the blog, and how I’m going to try my best to be as active as I can!

Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you eat some turkey and crochet!


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