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Mom Talk: Chores Ideas

Hey Dearies! I wanted to go over some chore ideas that you can do with your kiddos! I will be listing stuff for all ages too as well because you can start chores or the idea of chores as little as 2 years old.

My daughter is now 5, which is still crazy to me because yesterday I remember bringing her home from the hospital and now she is in preschool. Now that she is older, I wanted to start doing a chore chart for her and introduce chores and the idea of helping out around the house.

I bought her a chore chart that is magnetic and they give you options for different chore ideas, of course, some of them didn’t pertain to my daughter yet, such as homework. Every time they would do something on the chore chart, she would get to put a star next to it.

I haven’t been strict with her about it, yet, but I did get her excited to want to start doing chores around the house if it meant she got to put a star on her chore board. Lately, to get her to get stuff done, to reward her with some screen time or mostly playing Minecraft or Animal Crossing.

Here are her usual list of chores is just simple stuff, such as brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, picking up toys, setting the table, etc. Simple things that she can do. I haven’t pushed her to follow through with the other types of chores I want her to start doing because I don’t want to overwhelm her with them.

You don’t want to overwhelm them with a long list of chores because then they will never want to do it. I have started her with 5, which seems to go well and she still needs to be told to do them, but she will usually do them, if not I just tell her no Minecraft and she will start getting them done.

Now that you sort of know what I’ve got my daughter doing at home, let’s talk about what kinds of chores you can introduce to the little ones.

Chore Ideas for Ages 2-3 Years Old

Of course kids, this age don’t need to enforce it, but you can start introducing to them to some simple chore ideas such as these:

  • Pick up toys & books
  • Put trash in the garbage can
  • Dust
  • Put away silverware
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Fold rags &dishcloths
  • Put clothes in the hamper
  • Put clothes away in drawers

Chore Ideas for Ages 4-6 Years Old

At this age, is when you should start making a few chores mandatory for them to do. I would start with at least 3-5 chores that they are responsible for. You can also include some of these from up above:

  • Take care of the pets
  • Set & clean the table
  • Match Socks
  • Wipe down dirty walls
  • Empty trashes
  • Sweep

Chore Ideas for Ages 7-11 Years Old

At this age, doing chores should be something they should be doing every day. You might be also including allowance for them or treats for completing chores. They should be doing at least 5-10 chores a day and if you want to include one day of their choosing that they don’t have to do it. Here are some stuff they should be able to do:

  • Fold laundry
  • Sweep
  • Vacuuming
  • Take out the trash / Taking it out to the curb on trash day
  • Wash mirrors
  • Meal prep
  • Weed flowers / Garden
  • Clean out the car
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean room
  • Organize toy room
  • Bring in mail / newspaper

Chores Ideas for Ages 12+ Years Old

At this age, they should be doing chores all week long. They might be getting more of an allowance or none at all because they know they should be doing chores without being told to do so. Here are some other chore ideas that the older kids should be doing now:

  • Mow lawn
  • Babysit siblings
  • Wash windows
  • Iron
  • Wash car
  • Cook simple meals
  • Laundry
  • Mop floors
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean out fridge

Of course, you don’t need to do it the way that I suggest because every parent has a different way of raising their children. I was raised to do chores and as we got older, my mother stopped paying us for it once we got older because when we lived on our own, we would have to do these things for ourselves.

What kind of chores do you have set for your kiddos? When did you first start them out with chores or at what age do you think they should start doing chores? Let me know in the comments!

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Stardew Valley – Villager Info & Tips for Beginners

Hey Dearies, so since I mentioned that I play Stardew Valley, I wanted to give some helpful tips for those that are just starting out. I wish I had done more research before playing, but sometimes you just have to learn as you go. 

One of the big things you would need to do in the game is to make friends with the villagers. This was something that I didn’t do and then realized that in order to unlock more recipes & different scenes, you needed to befriend the villagers.

You also have to keep up with the friendships too as well, otherwise, you lose all your progress. Especially, if you are trying to date one of the villagers, it takes time and patience. 

Anyway, I wanted to make this post because I wanted to give some tips on how to help you increase your friendship with the villagers, as well as get some information on them as well. Plus I will also include some of their favorite items and when the best day is to give them the presents. 

I also wanted to note that in order to build a friendship, you need to give them gifts, but you can only give them gifts twice a week. You can tell what level of “friendship” you are at with a villager by the amount of hearts that they have. 

Once they reach to 10 hearts, you don’t have to worry as much about their hearts going down. Anyway, we are going to start with the villagers you can date, then we will work our way down the rest of the list. 

Villagers You Can Date

Alex (Summer 13) – Favorite things he loves: Complete Breakfast, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Salmon Dinner.

Elliot (Fall 5) – Favorite things he loves: Crab Cakes, Duck Feathers, Golden Pumpkin, Lobster, Pomegranate, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Tom Kha Soup.

Harvey (Winter 14) – Favorite things he loves: Coffee, Golden Pumpkin, Pickles, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Super Meal, Truffle Oil, & Wine.

Sam (Summer 17) – Favorite things he loves: Catus Fruit, Golden Pumpkin, Maple Bar, Pizza, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Tigerseye.

Abigail (Fall 13) – Favorite things she loves: Amethyst, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Gold Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot, & Spicy Eel.

Emily (Spring 27) – Favorite things she loves: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cloth, Emerald Golden Pumpkin, Jade, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Ruby, Survival Burger, Topaz, & Wool.

Haley (Spring 14) – Favorite things she loves: Coconut, Fruit Salad, Golden Pumpkin, Pink Cake, Rabbit’s Foot, & Sunflower.

Leah (Winter 23) – Favorite things she loves: Goat Cheese, Golden Pumpkin, Poppyseed Muffin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Salad, Stir Fry, Truffle, Vegetable Medley, & Wine.

Maru (Summer 10) – Favorite things she loves: Battery Pack, Cheese Cauliflower, Diamond, Gold Bar, Golden Pumpkin, Iridium Bar, Miner’s Treat, Pepper Poppers, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Rhubarb Pie, & Strawberry.

Penny (Fall 2) – Favorite things she loves: Diamond, Emerald, Golden Pumpkin, Melon, Poppy, Poppyseed Muffin, Prismatic Shard, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Sandfish, & Tom Kha Soup.

Sebastian (Winter 10) – Favorite things he loves: Frozen Tear, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Pumpkin Soup, Rabbit’s Foot, Sashimi, & Void Egg.

Shane (Spring 20) – Favorite things he loves: Beer, Golden Pumpkin, Hot Peppers, Pepper Poppers, Pizza, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

The Rest

Caroline (Winter 7) – Favorite things she loves: Fish Taco, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbt’s Foot, & Summer Spangle.

Clint (Winter 26) – Favorite things he loves: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Artichoke Dip, Emerald, Gold Bar, Golden Pumpkin, Iridium Bar, Jade, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Ruby, & Topaz.

Demetrius (Summer 19) – Favorite things he loves: Bean Hotpot, Golden Pumpkin, Ice Cream, Prismatic shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Rice Pudding, & Strawberry.

Dwarf (Summer 22) – Favorite things he loves: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Dwarf Scroll 1-4, Emerald, Golden Pumpkin, Jade, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Ruby, & Topaz.

Evelyn (Winter 20) – Favorite things she loves: Beet, Chocolate Cake, Diamond, Fairy Rose, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foots, Stuffing, & Tulip.

George (Fall 24) – Favorite things he loves: Fried Mushroom, Golden Pumpkin, Leek, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Gus (Summer 8) – Favorite things he loves: Diamond, Escargot, Fish Taco, Golden Pumpkin, Orange, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Jas (Summer 4) – Favorite things she loves: Fairy Rose, Golden Pumpkin, Pink Cake, Plum Pudding, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Jodi (Fall 11) – Favorite things she loves: Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Diamond, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Golden Pumpkin, Pancakes, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Rhubarb Pie, & Vegetable Medley.

Kent (Spring 4) – Favorite things he loves: Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Roasted Hazelnuts.

Krobus (Winter 1) – Favorite things he loves: Diamond, Golden Pumpkin, Iridium Bar, Prismatic Shard, Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot, Void Egg, Void Mayonnaise, & Wild Horseradish.

Lewis (Spring 7) – Favorite things he loves: Autumn’s Bounty, Glazed Yams, Golden Pumpkin, Hot Pepper, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Vegetable Medley.

Linus (Winter 3) – Favorite things he loves: Blueberry Tart, Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Dish o The Sea, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Yam.

Marnie (Fall 18) – Favorite things she loves: Diamond, Farmers Lunch, Golden Pumpkin, Pink Cake, Prismatic Shard, Pumpkin Pie, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Pam (Spring 18) – Favorite things she loves: Beer, Cactus Fruit, Glazed Yams, Golden Pumpkin, Mead, Pale Ale, Parsnip, Parsnip Soup, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Pierre (Spring 26) – Favorite things he loves: Fried Calamari, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Robin (Fall 21) – Favorite things she loves: Goat Cheese, Golden Pumpkin, Peach, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Spaghetti.

Sandy (Fall 15) – Favorite things she loves: Crocus, Daffodil, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, & Sweet Pea.

Vincent (Spring 10) – Favorite things he loves: Cranberry Candy, Golden Pumpkin, Grape, Pink Cake, Prismatic Shard, & Rabbit’s Foot.

Willy (Summer 24) – Favorite things he loves: Diamond, Golden Pumpkin, Iridium Bar, Mead, Prismatic Shard, Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot, & Sea Cucumber.

Wizard (Winter 17) – Favorite things he loves: Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Purple Mushroom, Rabbit’s Foot, Solar Essence, Super Cucumber, & Void Essence.

And that’s all the villagers from Stardew Valley!

I have only gotten a few to have a few hearts, but when you keep up on it and remember, you can unlock more of the game and the scenes as well! For the villagers you can date, I have only dated and married two out of them all.

The first one I did was Shane, I gave him a bunch of beer, and in less than a year, I got him with enough hearts to get him. The other one I did was Elliot and he was a little bit more challenging to get because the stuff he liked, you needed to be further in the game to get some of his favorite items, but I got him eventually.

Which of the villagers is your favorite character? Which love interest do you usually go for in the game?

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Crafty Sassy: Free Crochet Valentine’s Day Mug Cozy Pattern (Beginner)

Hey Dearies! So, I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted a pattern of my own and I finally wanted to make more mug cozy designs! I know that we are past Valentine’s Day, but I really wanted to create a simple mug cozy that you can make that is both simple and easy to mass produce.

This is also a Beginner pattern and is super easy to do! Also, this mug cozy is what I like to call ‘flat crochet’, which means that it’s crocheted back and forth, not in a circle. So, some assembly is required, but patterns like this give you more practice in making fun items that don’t seem hard to do.

What You Wil Need:

  • 4.00mm crochet hook
  • 3 different colored worsted weight yarn (Dark Red, Pink, & White)
    • Size 4
    • I’m not sure what brands I used, this is actually out of the smaller balls of yarn that I just had in my scrap bag of yarn.
  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors

First, chain 41 in the dark red color.

Row 1: *Single crochet in the second chain from the hook. Then double crochet into the next chain.* Repeat * until you have reached the last chain. Your last chain stitch will be a double crochet.

Row 2: Chain 1 and turn. *Single crochet in the first stitch, then double crochet in the stitch after that.* Repeat * until you have reached the last chain.

Rows 3-6: Repeat Row 2.

Switch to the pink color.

Rows 7-9: Repeat Row 2. At the end of Row 9, leave a long tail to sew together and fasten off.

That is the base part of the pattern. If you want to add the heart like I did, here is the pattern for that.


Make a magic circle with the white color.

Chain 2.

3 treble crochets, 3 double crochets, chain 1, 1 treble crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochets, 3 treble crochets, chain 2, slip stitch in the middle of the magic circle.

Leave a tail for attaching it to the mug cozy and fasten off.

There you have it! A simple pattern and easy to make! This is also something you can make a few of for craft fairs as well. Don’t worry, I’m going to have a few different mug cozy ideas for you guys, especially for each of the holidays, and a few surprises as well!

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Crafty Sassy: Crochet Yearly Project Ideas

Hey Dearies! So, I am currently working on a yearly project for 2023, but I wanted to suggest if anyone was thinking about doing a yearly blanket or temperature blacket. I think they are very fun to do, but the temperature blanket can be a pain because you are crocheting a square or a line every day.

The one that I am working on currently is actually from a Youtube that I am subscribed to. Plus, she does have some other yearly blankets that she has done too and I am going to leave links to her videos too if you are interested in trying them out.

If you are going to be making a yearly blanket, you need to do a little bit of research to find out how much yarn you are going to need & how much time you would need to complete it. I have done a temperature blanket before and the one thing I didn’t think of was how much yarn I was going to need and to make sure to stick to that brand as well.

I ended up in a pickle and used a color from a different brand that sort of worked, but it’s okay because it’s just a simple trial and error. So, the next time I decide to do a temperature blanket, I am going to pre-stock some skeins of colors so that I don’t run into the same problem.

I do want to try again doing a temperature blanket, but I’m thinking I want to do one next year since I wanted to make the current yearly blanket that I’m working on. I was going to also give an update on the first square that I made, but I wanted to wait to show you guys every 2 months.

So, with that being said in mind, that update will be posted the last week of February, and last Tuesday I will show you guys how it is looking. I will also update my Instagram every month, as well. Now, here are a few other yearly blankets, if you are trying to figure out what to do for the 2023 year.

Calendar Square Blanket

This is the current yearly blanket that I will be doing. This creation is from Jayda in Stitches and she does have a series of videos to make each square. I didn’t want to show the rest of the months since I do want it to be a surprise!

Plus I really like the idea of each square representing each of the months. It is also a better option if you don’t have time to crochet a square or row a day. I really can’t wait to see how this blanket turns out. I will also include a link for the videos:

The link that I included is a link to the full playlist of all the videos for each of the months. Just in case you decide to want to make this blanket for this year too!

Temperature Blanket (Granny Square Verison)

This is the temperature blanket that I made back in 2019. The one big problem that I had with this blanket was that I ended up making the squares too big and using more yarn than I expected. With the result of making the squares bigger, ended up making the blanket huge, which I didn’t mind, but trying to fold it was a pain for sure.

Now, the type of granny square that I did was the solid granny square, but I’ve seen people due either. You could even do different crocheted stitches as squares for each of the days or use two colors, one of the morning temperature and the afternoon temperature.

Themed Blankets

These blankets are pretty cool to make, but they can take a lot of patience and practice. They also may not have a crochet along, but there are a few out that do. You don’t really need a crochet along for yearly blankets, but you can always have one of those theme blankets that you can work on throughout the year.

If you do have any favorite TV Shows, such as Friends or the Office or Big Bang Theory, they do have blanket patterns out there that you can make. I saw someone had created a themed Friends blanket, I got so excited that I ended up looking to see what others had done.

You would be surprised how many other TV Show themed crochet blankets there are out there. The only reason why I haven’t made them yet, was because I didn’t want to make multiple themed blankets and then have no room to put them.

Those were just a few items that you can start with if you are interested in making a yearly blanket or temperature blanket. Let me know in the comments if you are working on a yearly blanket or a temperature blanket for this year. I can’t wait to see how mine comes out!