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Temperature Blanket Update – September 2019

Fall is officially here! One of my favorite seasons! So, right now in Maine, we are going through what we like to call ‘second summer’, which is when we get a few days that the sun is out and it’s hot. Then it goes back to be cold, again.

With September finally coming to the end, I will say we were lucky enough to get some nice last days of summer, but the leaves are changing colors, which makes car rides so much fun to enjoy because of the beautiful scenery.

As you can see, the blanket is starting to fill itself back up, but I think a few of you might be wondering if I’ll have enough to fill the other side. I might not, but I will be crocheting white squares to fill in what is needed.

Here it is!


The photo may not do justice, but it is super big! I had to move furniture around just to get a full photo of the blanket.

As always, here is my color list:

100 degrees – Fire Red (I Love This Yarn)
90 degrees – Pumpkin (Red Heart Super Saver)
80 degrees – Bright Yellow (Red Heart Super Saver)
70 degrees – Jelly Bean (I Love This Yarn)
60 degrees – Green (Main Stays Basic Yarn)
50 degrees – Turqia (Red Heart Super Saver)
40 degrees – Soft Blue (I Love This Yarn)
30 degrees – Dark Orchid (Red Heart Super Saver) *Changed to the following – Violet (Red Heart With Love)
20 degrees – Orchid (I Love This Yarn) *Changed to the following – Orchid (Red Heart Super Saver)
10 and below – Light Gray (I Love This Yarn)

How do you tell which color to use?

I, personally, go with the overall temperature. So, let’s go by today, for example:

Today in Maine, the overall temperature is 17 degrees. I would choose the light gray.

Let’s say that it was an overall temperature of 22 degrees, I would choose the Orchid color. All my temperatures, for my colored yarn, has to have the same number first number. If that makes any sense, I’m sorry if it doesn’t!

What was the highest temperature for this month?

We got one last day in the ’80s, but I’m pretty sure we won’t see another on until next year. On that day, I ended up going to Popham Beach and was it a perfect day to walk along the beach and collect shells!

The water was too cold to swim in but wasn’t too back to walk in.

What was the lowest temperature for this month?

60’s have been our lowest, so far, I expect us to start seeing more days get colder as we go into October, which makes me sad because I do love the warmer weather.

Do you post daily updates?

Yes, I do. On my Facebook page, I post a picture of the square for each day. I also tried to post every week’s worth, but it was hard to keep track of, so I’ll be posting monthly and daily instead.

If you haven’t liked my Facebook Page, here is the link below! It keeps you posted and updated on my temperature blanket and any updates for my blog and YouTube channel, as well!


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