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Temperature Blanket Update 2019 – July

Hey Dearies! With July finally coming to an end, it’s time to show you what our lovely temperature blanket is looking like! So, this month has been SOOOOO hot! Although we haven’t reached 100-degree weather, it has felt like 100 degrees on some days!

As you can see, our blanket looks different. It has an addition to it, and let me explain why.

So, as I have mentioned before, this is my first crack at the whole temperature blanket thing. I didn’t have a lot of time to really think this through and get the yarn I needed for the blanket.

I was gonna add the addition to the beginning of June, but totally spaced it, when connecting my squares together. I didn’t realize until I was in the middle of July that I wanted to do so. With that being said, I finished off July with the addition.

Let me tell you, I didn’t plan for the blanket to be this BIG, but on cold winter days, this will be the perfect thing to snuggle with on those chilly days. Anyway, take a look of it yourself!

January, February, March, April, May, June, and July.

I tried my best to get the entire blanket in the shot, but for the future, I will be taking two pictures, just to make sure that I get the entire blanket in the shot! Literally, I was moving furniture around just so I could get a full shot of how big it is.

This is in my living room if you were wondering. The bigger it gets, the harder it will be to take photos, but I will try my best to keep giving you an update on it!

100 degrees – Fire Red (I Love This Yarn)
90 degrees – Pumpkin (Red Heart Super Saver)
80 degrees – Bright Yellow (Red Heart Super Saver)
70 degrees – Jelly Bean (I Love This Yarn)
60 degrees – Green (Main Stays Basic Yarn)
50 degrees – Turqia (Red Heart Super Saver)
40 degrees – Soft Blue (I Love This Yarn)
30 degrees – Dark Orchid (Red Heart Super Saver) *Changed to the following – Violet (Red Heart With Love)
20 degrees – Orchid (I Love This Yarn) *Changed to the following – Orchid (Red Heart Super Saver)
10 and below – Light Gray (I Love This Yarn)

How do you tell which color to use?

I, personally, go with the overall temperature. So, let’s go by today, for example:

Today in Maine, the overall temperature is 17 degrees. I would choose the light gray.

Let’s say that it was an overall temperature of 22 degrees, I would choose the Orchid color. All my temperatures, for my colored yarn, has to have the same number first number. If that makes any sense, I’m sorry if it doesn’t!

What was the highest temperature for this month?

We have had a few days of 90 degrees, which are the orange squares. We haven’t hit 100 degrees, yet, but this is Maine. It’s rare for it to hit 100 degrees, but it has been 100 before in the past. It’s gotten close, but once it does, you’ll start to see some red squares when we do!

What was the lowest temperature for this month?

70 has been the lowest temperature we have seen, but only if we have a wonderful rainy day! Although, we have been getting a lot of thundershowers, that I HATE! Thunder scares the crap out of me and makes my anxiety go from 0-100 pretty quick when it comes to that.

Do you post daily updates?

Yes, I do. On my Facebook page, I post a picture of the square for each day. I also tried to post every week’s worth, but it was hard to keep track of, so I’ll be posting monthly and daily instead.

If you haven’t liked my Facebook Page, here is the link below! It keeps you posted and updated on my temperature blanket and any updates for my blog and YouTube channel, as well!



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