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New Schedule For Katie’s Blog!

Hello dearies! As we are reaching to the end of the year, I just wanted to give you guys some heads up on the new schedule for my blog. I know that you guys want content, which I am working on for the upcoming year!

For the past week, I have been working on a way on how I can make myself become more active on my blog. Figuring out what I love to do and what I really didn’t care or have enough excitement to do. Meaning, I don’t want to write or blog about stuff that I don’t have enough of an excitement to do.

So, let’s begin!

-Art & Crafts and/or Crafty Sassy

Image result for arts and crafts

So, this topic, is not going anywhere. I love to try and make new things and this challenges me, which I love to do! Crocheting, of course, will be my top project and I will keep posting on Tuesdays, like I have done normally on Tuesdays. HOWEVER, I have stuff planned out in advanced, so that I don’t run out of ideas on what to do next.

That being said, here is what is going to be ‘new’ for Crafty Sassy:

  • Temperature Blanket
    • This is something I have found and I am very excited to try it out. Basically, you are crocheting a granny square a day of what the temperature was that day.
    • I plan on giving you guys updates once a month, so that you can see my progress.
  • Project of the Month
    • This is something I want to try out. Every month, I will make a project of the month, which the design is going to represent each month.
    • These’s will be done for the first week of each month with a different project for each month.
  • Bookmark of the Month and/or Coaster of the Month
    • I’m still debating on whether to do this or not, but for bookmarks, there are a lot of ideas I would love to try, same goes with coasters.
    • Either way, these’s projects would be done for the last week of the month.

The rest of the weeks, I will ask you guys on my Facebook Page on which I should do and go live showing you OR have a pre-made video on ‘how-to’ make that particular design. This also gives you guys a chance to let me know what project or design I should do next.


Image result for gaming

This was another topic that I barely posted about, but I am going to try my best to make a change to post more. First off, I would like to start going live or stream live, but I still have to look into it and make sure I know what I am doing before I jump on it.

For the time being, gaming stuff might be tips or updates on my Sims Series or reviews in general. Like I said, this one might take a little longer to get started, but I plan on post/streaming Sunday’s. Make sure you like my Facebook Page, that would be the best place for me to give you guys updates on this.

-Mom Talk

Image result for mom talk

This one has been off and on, but I will try my best to add more. It is very difficult because when I first started, I had so much to talk about, but now, I find that it might be harder for me to post about ‘Mom Talk’ stuff.

Is it something that is ending? No! I will try to post one of these at least once a month, but don’t quote me on it. When I first started out doing it, it was a way to let me release my fears or answer someone’s questions about parenting, but in my sense of style.

-My Books

Image result for my books

If you haven’t noticed, I have been working on some changes to my blogging website. If you are looking for my books, they are in that tab, but let’s talk about what’s going on with that.

Now, I am currently in the middle of a book, which is on Wattpad. I’m trying to get as much as I can done before starting the new year, and no, I’m not rushing it. I have a lot of ideas for it and just never had the time until now.

If you are wondering why I’m not posting very much, that is why. I’m making sure that this next book will last, at least, a half of the year to a year. What I mean by that, I need to have enough chapters to post on Mondays and Fridays, but because I am trying to become a better creative writer, my book chapters will be posted on Mondays only.

The reason why I posted them on Mondays and Fridays was that I saw a lot of people checking them out more on those days, so I made it more for my readers, but once I realized I didn’t have enough work for my audience (you guys), I had to come up with a better plan.

So, for the New Year, chapters of my next book will be published on Mondays. Sorry for the long ramble, but writers tend to do it.

-My Writing

Image result for my writing

This was where I labeled my books ‘My Writing’, but that is changing. Which I will be going back to EVERY chapter for each book and getting rid of the ‘My Writing’ title because I have something bigger and better planned for it.

Here is what is starting to go in this category:

  • 365 Days of Writing
    • I saw it on Pinerest that some of them where doing writing prompts for every day for 365 days of the year, which I am very excited to start the beginning of this upcoming year!
    • Basically, I will be posting something everyday, for my writing prompt, but what it is about is a surprise for you guys!
  • Friday’s Short Stories
    • Every Fridays, I will be picking a theme or genre and writing a short story on that particular theme or genre.
    • If you know me, I love writing about romance and love, but I am very excited to try this out, as well! I will also be posting what theme or genre I will be doing on my Facebook Page, so if you guys want to try it out with me as well!


Image result for reviews

This is something new that I want to try out. The reviews can be on anything, from books, T.V. Shows, movies, products, etc. I have a plan that I want to try and split it up, so that the reviews aren’t about just books, or just movies.

I don’t have a plan on what day I planned on doing them on, but I think Thursdays, once a month, I will do a review, if not, every other week. Like I said, this is something new and I will also make a video to go with it as well, than just a normal written review.

-Wrestling (WWE)

Image result for wwe

So, for me, it was very stressful to do a re-cap of Raw and Smackdown, that’s why I stopped and the fact that I don’t watch them until the weekend. It didn’t make sense to keep doing it unless I was posting the same day that Raw and Smackdown aired.

Superstar of the Week and Hall of Famer of the month was also very stressful, but let’s talk about why. When I thought about doing it, I thought it was a great idea, I loved the fact that I picked a male and female superstar and talked about them, but I felt that I was rushing each one.

Instead of taking the time to write about them, I felt that I didn’t take the time to really write about them. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make any sense, but as a writer, I like to make sure that everything I post is something that is worth reading and I really rushed those ones.

Here is how I’m going to learn from my mistakes:

  • Superstars of the Month
    • These are going to be written a month in advance, but twice a month, I will post a male superstar of the month the first week of the month.
    • And a female superstar of the month the last week of the month.
    • January, we will start out with the Raw brand and then switch off every month. I will still post on Wednesdays for this topic.
  • Pay-Per-Views
    • So, instead of recapping Raw and Smackdown, I will be doing it for the PPV’s. Which are usually on Sundays and I usually watch these live.
    • I figured this would be a little easier for me to do, than trying to recap Raw and Smackdown.

-Podcasts/YouTube Channel

Image result for youtube channel

Yes, podcasts are still a iffy. I am not sure that I will bring them back or not. It is something that I would still love to do, but I have realized that it might be better with another person with me.

So, for podcasts, they are currently not in the plan for the New Year, but if you want me to keep doing them or thing they were worth me putting the time in, then I will possibly think about it.

My YouTube Channel will become more active in the New Year. I am going to make sure that any craft projects, reviews, and my Sims Series are uploaded more. I have a plan to make sure to work on my Sims Series more and make sure that I upload a new episode every month, if not, twice a month.

For the craft projects, basically a how-to’s and updates to any of my finished projects, especially the temperature blanket. Like I said, I have a lot to plan in the upcoming new year.

Image result for thank you for your support

There it is! The plan for the upcoming new year. I will try my best to post more stuff, but thank you for all being so patient! If I do post anything, it might be for my store or new craft projects. I do want to have some new patterns for you guys!


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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Sasha Banks

Image result for sasha banks

Sasha Banks is one of the women that is apart of the Women’s Revolution and she has played many roles in her time of being switched to the main roster. From title shots and being in matches that women weren’t normally in, she was a fan favorite.

Image result for sasha banks and bayley raw

At the moment, she really isn’t in a major story line, expect being in fights with her BFF Bayley. With Hell in a Cell coming up, hopefully she will have a match because we haven’t seen her much on pay-per-view. Maybe with the fights that Bayley and Sasha get into, it might be a match between the two.

Image result for sasha banks and charlotte flair

Sasha was brought onto the WWE roster at the same time as Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, to start the Women’s Revolution. She started in a group called Team B.A.D (which stand for Beautiful and Dangerous).

Once the whole ‘Team B.A.D.’ was done and gone, Banks started getting into a feud, that lasted quite a bit, between Charlotte Flair. Between her and Flair, they had the Raw Women’s Champion passing back between the two. I personally thought it wasn’t the best move, I wish they would’ve had Sasha defend her title for a little bit longer and not against Charlotte all the time.

Image result for sasha banks team bad

I think during that time, I really got bored of the Charlotte vs. Banks matches. They were the same thing, or boring, as some people took it. I will give them credit on the Hell in a Cell match, but almost the entire year, if not half of it, these two were fighting constantly for the title.

Image result for sasha banks snoop dogg

Sasha is actually married, her and her husband(Sarath Ton), got married in 2016.  She is also first cousins with Snoop Dogg and he helped her with her wrestling character. He even came out at her first Wrestlemaina title match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Image result for sasha banks husband

Titles she has won:

  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship – 4 times


Next Wednesday, we are going to talk about someone from the Smackdown Live roster!

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WWE Smackdown Superstar Of The Week – R-Truth

Image result for r truth

Whats up! Yes, we are going to be talking about R-Truth! He is this Superstar of the Week! He has been in the company for quite some time, although, now, he is used as a joke, we are going to talk about some of the feuds and titles he has one being on the WWE roster.

R-Truth has been almost everywhere, when it comes to feuds, from the Miz to Kofi Kingston to becoming the Golden Truth. He has been moved around a lot. He has also had a lot of title chances, but I guess the WWE creative hasn’t seen him as championship material.

Image result for r truth with selfie stick

What he’s doing right now, isn’t much. He has had one match since being one the Smackdown Live roster. I’m not sure why the Golden Truth broke, but it was very funny when Truth was trying to be like Tyler Breeze and had a stick for a selfie stick.

Image result for r truth with selfie stick

A little bit about him, he is married and has one daughter, that could be why he has been off and on TV so much, as some wrestlers try and make their family life more important, which is totally understandable when you are always on the road constantly. He is 46 years old, too, which could be stopping the WWE creative team from getting him risky matches.

List of titles he has won:

  • WWF Hardcore Championship – 2 times
  • WWE United States Championship – 1 time
  • WWE Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston – 1 time


Next week we will head over to out Raw roster and talk about someone from their Women’s Division. 

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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Kevin Owens

Image result for kevin owens

Kevin Owens has always been the ‘bad guy’, or has always turned heel, kinda like the Miz. He got into the WWE roster before his best friend Sami Zayn, which got the pot stirring for a Wrestlemania match.

He has always been the pot stirrer, causing issues for everyone around him. He has accomplished a lot in his few years on the WWE roster, winning titles and a few matches under his belt, as well.

Image result for kevin owens and sami zayn

I don’t think that the Kevin Owens Show will turn good, anytime soon. He has even had a few matches with Shane McMahon, as well and also with Daniel Bryan.

Currently, Kevin Owens is in a feud with Braun Strowman and has a match this Sunday at Summerslam. Since, his partner in crime, Sami Zayn is recovering from an injury, I guess the WWE Creative Writers wanted to try and push for Kevin to become Universal Championship. I don’t care if Kevin takes the title or not, Brock Lenser NEEDS to go!

Image result for kevin owens and chris jericho

Kevin Owens is married and has a son and daughter. The name ‘Owens’, for his character name, is his son’s name and it fit very well with his ring name.

Image result for kevin owens family

Titles he has won:

  • WWE Universal Championship – 1 time
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship – 2 times
  • WWE United States Championship – 3 times.


Sorry for making this short and simple. Next Wednesday, we will take a look at another superstar from the Smackdown Live roster!

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WWE Superstar Of The Month -Trish Stratus (HOF)

Image result for trish stratus

Trish Stratus was one of the most remember female wrestler back in the Attitude Era, next to Lita and many other female wrestlers. Her most remembered feud is with Lita, who is also her best friend in real life.

She did make an appearance at the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and she will most likely be at the Women’s first ever pay-per-view, Evolution. As a fan, I remember her and Lita’s feud very well and watching my favorite past wrestlers come back to the ring now, I get excited.

Image result for trish stratus

Trish had a lot of rolls in the WWE, she had a storyline with many people, such as: Vince McMahon, The Rock, Chris Jericho, etc. The Rock even saved her from being part of the ‘Vince McMahon’s Kiss My Ass Club’.

Although, there are many stuff, that she did, all of us would like to forget, such as Vince making her get on the ground and bark like a dog, stuff like that. She is also a Hall of Famer, as well as the youngest to ever be introduced.

She is married to Ron Fisco and they have two children together, a son and a daughter. Lita is actually the godmother to her son.

Image result for trish stratus family

Titles she has won:

  • WWE Hardcore Champion – 1 time
  • WWE Women’s Champion – 7 times
  • WWE Hall Of Famer – 2013

Image result for trish stratus champion

Sorry for making this short and sweet, but next week we will talking about a Superstar from Raw roster!

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WWE Smackdown Superstar Of The Week – Naomi

You can always feel the glow when this next Superstar comes out to the ring. Naomi has been in the WWE for the past couple years. Let’s get more in detail with this Superstar and see if you will feel the glow after!

Image result for naomi wwe

She started out as being 1/2 of the Funkadactyls, and yes, that is how it is spelled, basically started off as a cheerleader that would dance for Brodus Clay, when he would head down to the ring. She then started to compete in the Divas division with her other half of the Funkadactyls, Cameron. 

Image result for naomi wwe
Naomi is on the left and Cameron is on the right.

Currently, she hasn’t had much going on, other than she was in the Women’s Money in the Bank, but did not win. Although, she was bad ass as the Women’s First Royal Rumble, she fell on a group of people and her feet never touched the group and she walked on the railing and used a chair to keep from getting her feet from touching.

She is also apart of the Women’s Revolution, as well as many women who are on both Raw and Smackdown Rosters. She was the only one that had the Smackdown Women’s Championship belt glowed

Image result for naomi wwe

Naomi is actually married to Jimmy Uso and she is a step-mother to his two kids. She has also been apart of Total Divas, she has been there since the first season.

Image result for naomi and jimmy uso

Here is some of the titles or matches that she has won:

  • WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship – 2 times
  • Wrestlemaina 34’s Women’s Battle Royal Winner


Next Wednesday, we will talk about the Raw roster, some say it might be GLORIOUS.



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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Natayla

Image result for natalya

The Queen of Harts is our Superstar of the Week! She has been in the WWE for quite awhile. If you watch Total Divas, you will see that she is one of the main people that shown. She is also part of the Women’s Revolution.

If you already didn’t know, Bret Hart is actually her uncle and even her father wrestled back in the older days too! So, she comes from a long line of Harts that have wrestled in the WWE.

WWE has been off and on, when it comes to push her. She has had a few title shots, but she has only won 2. You think with the last name ‘Hart’ would get you a better push, but I’m not sure why they don’t push her. She’s even turned heel and still, nothing.

Image result for natalya raw 2018

Right now, she isn’t on TV a lot, but she did get saved by Ronda Rousey, multiple time. Who knows, WWE might make her turn on Ronda, if she ever becomes champ.

I think a lot of people know that her nickname is ‘Nattie’, and that she LOVES her cats, talk about being a cat lady much? She is married to WWE Former Superstar Tyson Kidd, they knew each other since they were 12 and they are each other’s very first love and first person they ever went out with.

Image result for natalya and tyson kidd

Talk about love at first sight! They don’t have any kids, which is sad because they would make some really cute babies! Unless you consider their many cats their children.

Here are the titles she has won:

  • WWE Divas Champion – 1 time
  • WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion – 1 time


Next Wednesday we will have Smackdown Live Superstar of the week!

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WWE Smackdown Superstar of the Week – The Miz

Image result for the miz
The Miz, ‘looking like a blind nun.’ A quote that Dwayne Johnston said to him when he visited Raw.

Every time we hear ‘AWESOME’, we know who’s coming out to the ring. The Miz has been with the WWE for over 10 years. He has won our heart and made us want to choke him, at times.

Miz, along side his wife Maryse, they have been the ‘must see couple’ of WWE. I rather see them than Rusev and Lana. The difference between the two is that the Miz and Maryse shows how much in love they really are.

The Miz is known for being the Intercontinental Champion, but he no longer carries the title. However, he is known to start trouble. It’s wither his way or the high way. Right now, the Miz doesn’t have a huge part in WWE because he just had his newborn daughter.

Image result for the miz baby

I believe every wrestler on the roster knows how hard it is to see family. The Miz has always been a heel, maybe they can bring him back into a baby face. I don’t think that will happen, just because of the fact that he’s known to always be a heel.

The is one match that I’m hoping to see that involves the Miz. When both brands switched off and became separate, Shane McMahon got Smackdown and he chose Daniel Bryan as his General Manager.

The Miz was drafted to Smackdown, and he had a lot of beef with Daniel Bryan, to the point that we all wished Daniel could wrestle again so that he could kick his ass. Now that Daniel has been cleared for wrestling, we are all waiting for the match between Daniel Bryan and the Miz.

Image result for the miz and daniel bryan

As I said above, The Miz is married to Maryse and this year, they just had their first litttle girl, Monroe. I thought it was funny that they got pregnant, almost right after when John Cena asked if he was shooting out blanks.

Here, as always, is his list of titles while he has been in the WWE:

  • WWE Championship – 1 time
  • WWE Intercontiental Championship – 8 times
  • WWE United States Championship – 2 times
  • WWE Tag Team Championship w/ John Morrison  (1), Big Show (1), John Cena (1), and Damien Mizdow (1) – 4 times
  • World Tag Team Championship w/ John Morrison (1) and Big Show (1) – 2 times
  • Mixed Match Challenge – w/ Asuka
  • Money in the Bank winner – 2010

Next Wednesday, I have a surprise for all of you, we are going to talk about a Superstar that EVERYONE knows, or show know. Stay tuned for the Superstar of the Month!

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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Roman Reigns

Image result for roman reigns

Ah, yes, let us talk about the Big Dog of the yard, Mr. Roman Reigns. Roman first appeared on the WWE roster when he made his debut with none other the Shield. After the Shield fell apart, WWE has been pushing Reigns for quite some time.

Although, not a lot of fans loved the push he was getting. I’m still not sure why, other than he is okay on the microphone. A lot of people say he’s trash and no good, but to me, I think he is a great wrestler. I loved him in the Shield.

He has had a few big matches with some very legendary Superstars, one of the big ones being the Undertaker. The world thought that the Big Dog had retired the Undertaker because the Undertaker took off his gear and left it in the middle of the ring. Anyway, that is a long story and for a different day.

Image result for roman reigns

I would have to say that one of Reigns most popular achievements, would have to be in the Shield, but that’s just my opinion. Everyone LOVED the Shield because of the fact that they were kicking the Authority’s asses. As usually, WWE made Seth Rollins turn heel and well, the rest is history.

Reigns is currently trying to get another match with Brock Lenser, because if you saw the last match that they had together, Reigns feet hit the ground first, but Brock was still determined the winner due to a ‘bad judgement call’. He would have became the Universal Champion, but the WWE Universe would rather have a part-timer defend the title.

So, here’s some little fun facts about Reigns. He is married, I know, and he has 3 kids, 1 daughter and 2 twin boys. He is also related to the Rock(Dwayne Johnson) and the Usos. It didn’t take me long to figure out that they were all related some how.

As usual, here are the list of titles that Reigns has won being on the WWE Main Roster:

  • WWE Intercontinetal Championship – 1 time
  • WWE Tag Team Championship w/ Seth Rollins – 1 time
  • WWE United States Championship – 1 time
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship – 3 times
  • Royal Rumble – 2015

Tune in next Tuesday for another Superstar of the Week from the Smackdown roster!


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WWE Smackdown Superstar Of The Week – Lana

Image result for wwe lana

This day is Lana Day. She is one of the newer superstars that became a wrestler. Her husband, Rusev, is also a WWE Superstar. She would stand by his side, just like how Maryse does for the Miz.

I figured I would pick a wrestler, that to me, doesn’t know how to wrestle very well. Most of the Superstars have been wrestling for years and years, however, Lana doesn’t even have a background of wrestling. She was just used to promote Rusev.

She has only been in the company since 2013 ish. I know that wrestling is very difficult to do, so when the first draft came into play, we were all excited to see how Lana would wrestle, just because we have saw Maryse wrestle and become Diva’s champ in the past, we wondered the same thing with Lana.

Image result for wwe lana cake smash

Boy, were we wrong. Her very first match was a championship match against, the current Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. If anyone has seen Total Divas, you will know that Lana wasn’t going to have any more matches after the lost against Naomi, but because she went to Twitter and wined about losing, she was granted another match.

And another, which she lost all three times. At this point, if the WWE Universe agrees, Lana needed more work in the ring, but she also needs to know that just because you have a pretty face and great microphone skills, doesn’t mean you can wrestle, just like that and be good.

I’m sorry for those who actually like Lana, but if you have only seen her in the WWE, you have no idea how she is like on Total Divas. Some of the other Women’s Division have called her out on that she can’t wrestle as good as she says she does.

She hasn’t one any titles, yet, but I have a feeling, the WWE writers might just put a belt on her, just to see how the crowd reacts. I think she is better as a manager, not a wrestler. If she had more of a background of wrestling, she might be a little bit better, but her background is basically modeling, singing, and making movies, basically being a celebrity.

Next week, I will go back to the Raw roster and pick another Superstar of the Week!

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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Dana Brooke

Image result for dana brooke

Play time is over! Yes, Dana Brooke is the Raw Superstar of the week! I figured I would switch it up a bit and talk about a Superstar from the Women’s Division.

Dana Brooke made her first appearance to the WWE spotlight, as a protegé for none other that the Nature Boy’s daughter, Charlotte Flair. As usual, not many people will like you if you help the champion keep their title, but the more we booed, the more Brooke would interfere with matches.

Now, I will only be talking about Brooke being on the WWE roster, not her past in NXT.

Being Flairs protege only lasted for so long, until Brooke finally had a new story line, where she was no longer by Flairs side and went against her. After that, Brooke hasn’t been in many story lines, since being on the side of Flair.

Image result for dana brooke and charlotte

It sucks because that’s all we really remember of her. Currently, she is apart of Titus World Wide, waiting her talent as a side show clown, as I like to call it. She has been in a few matches, but as this point, Brooke is a sitting duck.

When you become a sitting duck in the WWE, usually, you are going to be let go anytime soon, but who knows. Maybe one day, we will be surprised and see her go in a feud with Nia Jax or even Alexa Bliss.

Brooke was in a relationship with Dallas McCarver until he passed away in 2017. Unfortunately, Brooke hasn’t won any titles in the WWE, yet, but I am hoping that they make her champ, at least once.

Tune in next Wednesday for the Smackdown Superstar of the week!

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WWE Superstar Legend Of The Month – The Rock

Image result for the rock

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? The Rock or as everyone else may know him as Dwayne Johnson, started his career the ring, before he was even an actor. He was know as the ‘Peoples Champion’, even when he wasn’t a champion.

He become more popular in the Attitude Era, just like many great legends have started, such as: Edge, Triple H, Randy Orton, etc. The Rock never backed down to a fight, calling out ever one of those ‘candy asses’, that didn’t want to step in the ring with him.

Image result for the rock

To me, he was a legend on the mic. One of the very few wrestlers who had the talent of being a great fighter, but knew how to talk some smack. He was a wrestler everyone love. Who didn’t love The Rock! Especially, when we all learned to do the ‘Peoples Eyebrow’.

Once he got into acting, wrestling became a forgotten memory of his past. Only the true fans knew how he started out. In the past couple years, The Rock as become very popular and famous in the movie business. He has also became a father earlier this year as well!

The Rock is one of the most bad-ass celebrities that we have today. To think it all started in a WWE ring. Maybe some day, we will see the Rock back in action for a Wrestle Mania match, so he can show the world that he can still kick some candy asses!

Here is a list of titles he has won:

  •  WCW World Championship – 2 times
  • WWF/WWE Championship – 8 times
  • WWF Intercontinental Championship – 2 times
  • WWF Tag Team Chamionship – 5 times – with Mankind (3), The Undertaker (1), and Chris Jericho (1)
  • Royal Rumble Winner – 2000

Surprise! I figured I would talk about a Superstar that hasn’t yet been in the Hall of Fame, yet, but I am hoping that really soon, he should in the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Next Wednesday, I will pick a Superstar from Raw, I will be picking someone from the Women’s Division. That’s for me to know and you to find out next week!

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WWE Smackdown Live – Randy Orton (Superstar Of The Week)

Image result for randy orton

The Viper, Randy Orton, has been in WWE since the Attitude Era, which was one of my favorite Eras of WWE. Currently, we haven’t seen much of this Superstar due to an knee injury. Randy was never one to disappoint in the ring.

I think that we can all agree that we got pumped up and excited for him to give anyone a RKO. Plus he was the youngest Superstar to every become a WWE Champion. Orton has been a fan favorite for years, and his Championship list is quite impressive, too.

Orton is a father to 3 girls, 1 from his first married and two from his second. He was also one of the many Superstars that were involved with the WWE Steroid case.

He has had feuds with the Undertaker, Triple H, etc. His last feud was with Bray Wyatt, and he basically became a part of the Wyatt family, then burned down sister Abigail resting place.

The Viper is known to be the badass of the WWE roster. Raw or Smackdown Live are lucky to have him. Now, we just have to sit and wait until he is medically cleared to get back into the ring. My guess, is that he is going to go after Jeff Hardy, but who knows what WWE Creative Team will direct Orton.

List of Champions:

  • World Heavy Weight Champion – 4 times
  • Tag Team Champion with Edge – 1 time
  • WWE Champion – 9 times
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion – 1 time
  • WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper – 1 time
  • WWE United States Champion – 1 time
  • Money in the Bank Winner – 2013
  • Royal Rumble Winner – 2009 and 2017

Check out next Wednesday for another Superstar of the Week! Every other week I will switch between the two. Once a month, I will talk about a Hall Of Famer, which will be a surprise! Keep an eye out for those as well!

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WWE Raw – Superstar Of The Week (Zack Ryder)

I’ve decided that until I can get back on track with the WWE Recaps, I will post once a week of a different Superstar. This week will be Raw and next week will be Smackdown. 

Zack Ryder has been in the WWE for quite some time. He is known for his ‘woo, woo, woo’ chants.  Currently, we haven’t seen him as much, lately.

Image result for zack ryder

He is one of those wrestlers who was given a weird catchphase, but it as become popular in the past years it’s been used. Kinda like the Miz ‘awesome’. Annoying to hear, but very catchy.

This Superstar has one the following titles in WWE:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship – 1 time (2016)
  • WWE Tag Team Championship with Curt Hawkins – 1 time (2008)
  • WWE United States Championship – 1 time (2011)

So, he hasn’t had much of a Championship luck as other Superstars do, but hopefully, Vince will want to give him a bigger push. He almost had another Tag Team Title, with Mojo Rawley as part of the Hype Bros, but unfortunately, Ryder had gotten injured and was out for several months after.

At this point, it doesn’t seem that Ryder has been pushed very much, like every other Superstar, he is currently in a feud with his ex Hype Bros partner, Mojo Rawley. He did have a match for the next contender for the United States Title, but he wasn’t successful.

As much as I love this Superstar, I have a feeling that he will be released soon, due to him not getting a big enough push. Worst comes to worst, he might end up like all other former Superstars.

Anyway, lets get down into his personal life. Something that I didn’t know about Ryder, was that he was suffering from and overcame cancer that was in his foot and spread to his lungs, back when he was in high school.

Ryder is also a big fan of Ghostbusters and started to date Laurel Van Ness, who is also a wrestler, not for WWE.

If you want to see Zack Ryder, he also has a YouTube channel where he currently vlogs. It’s called Long Island Iced Z, Ryder started the series to promote his character on WWE. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had a new video in over 2 years.

If you haven’t checked it out, click this link here:

That’s a wrap up from the ‘Woo Woo Man’. Next Wednesday, keep an eye out for the Smackdown Superstar of the week. once a month, I will surprise you with a WWE Hall of Famer of the Month. Since the month of May is coming to a end, keep and eye out in June for that!



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Smackdown Live Recap – April 24, 2018

Sorry, this is very late. Here is the recap for Smackdown Live.

We started it out with Miz TV, when we were supposed to see Daniel Bryan, but that never happened. Instead, Big Cass came out to talk to the Miz instead. The Miz said that because of becoming a father, that he has changed. Basically saying the Miz loves his daughter more that Daniel Bryan.

Image result for smackdown live april 24 2018

Anyway, Big Cass explained that the same day Daniel Bryan got cleared to perform, was also the same day he was cleared. Big Cass was upset at the fact that everyone was more excited to see Daniel back in the ring versus Cass. Then again, Daniel has been waiting almost over 3 years to get cleared versus Cass was only out for a few months on injury.

Image result for smackdown live april 24 2018

Carmella, the current Smackdown Woman’s Champion, and Charlotte Flair had a contract signing for Backlash. Of course, Carmella rants on and on how she becomes Champ and makes everyone watch the same thing twice. Thank god, Charlotte interrupts, signs the contract and then bashes Carmella’s head against the table. Best part of the night.

Becky Lynch and the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka teamed up to go against the annoying IIconics. To me, the IIconics, are a wannabe Bella Twins. I really hope that the Bella Twins come back to kick their ass. Anyway, they end up losing, but they are counting the tag team matches, that Asuka is in, as losses against her streak.

Image result for smackdown live april 24 2018

Ever since the Usos have been on Smackdown, they turned heel, and they have been amazing, but they lose their tag team titles at Wrestle Mania 34 against the Bludgeon Brothers. They had a match that Naomi, Jimmy Usos wife, came out to distract the Bludgeon Brothers so that they could get a win.

List of matches:

  • Asuka & Becky Lynch vs. The Iconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)
    • Iconics won by pinfall with feet on the ropes.
  • Erick Rowan & Jimmy Uso
    • Jimmy Uso won by pinfall.
  • Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin
    • Shelton Benjamin won by pinfall.
  • Rusev Day(Adien English & Rusev) & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Club(A.J Styles, Karl Anderson, & Luke Gallows)
    • Rusev Day & Shinsuke Nakamure won by pinfall.
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Monday Night Raw Recap – April 23, 2017

Raw honored Bruno Sammartino, he passed away and the entire locker room came out and honor the wrestler. They also did a documentary of the superstars life that is on the WWE Network.

Paul Haman and Brock Lenser come out to talk about how Brock pinned Roman Regins for the Universal Championship and is still, the longest champion at the moment. As much as many people don’t want Roman with the title, but I think we are all ready for the part-timer to lose the title.

Since the Miz is back on Smackdown, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have started a new show called ‘The Sami & Kevin Show’. There first guest was the Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle. Of course, Sami and Kevin stepped on the General Managers toes, which got them a match against Bobby Lashley & Braun Strowman.

If you didn’t notice that the former Raw Women’s Champion wasn’t at last weeks Raw, is because she had taken time to go get breast implants. Don’t get me wrong, it’s your body and your choice, but I believed that she didn’t need them.

Anyway, since the Miz left, the Miztourage has been trying to find someone to be with. Or as I like to call, they are looking for someone to make them their ‘bitches’. They tried to become the new Shield (which you can never replace the Shield) with Seth Rollins. When that failed, they tried again with Finn Balor, with failed as well.

Here’s the match lists and their outcomes:

  • Seth Rollins & Finn Balor vs. The Miztourage
    • Seth Rollins & Finn Balor won by pin.
  • Titus O’Neal & Apollo Crews vs. Drew Macentire & Dolph Ziggler
    • Drew Macentire won by pin..
  • Jinder Mahal vs. Chald Gable
    • Chad Gable won by pin.
  • Bobby Lashey & Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens
    • Braun Strowman won by pin.
  • 10 Woman Tag Team Match
    • Mickie James, Alexa Bliss and The Riott Squad vs. Nia Jax, Natalya, Ember Moon, Bayley and Sasha Banks
    • Ronda Ronsey made the match a disqualification.



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Smackdown Live Recap – Superstar Shake up (April 17, 2018)

Sorry this is a few days late, but here is the rest of the superstar shake up.

We only knew of one person who was going over to Smackdown, the Miz. Unfortunately, the A-lister was not there. He had sent a video of him and his family saying that he wouldn’t show up until next weeks Smackdown Live.

One of the big shockers was Jeff Hardy, the current United States Champion, went to Smackdown. I thought they might switch titles to go back on the other brand, the Intercontinental and the United States. With Matt Hardy being Woken and Bray Wyatt being his new tag team partner, I had a feeling the Hardy Boys would go different directions.

Since the new general manager of Smackdown is Paige, I figured Absolution would follow over to team blue, which they did. Since the Riott Squad went over to Raw. Speaking of the Women’s Division, the empress of tomorrow, Asuka is on Smackdown.

Image result for smackdown live superstars shake up 2018Becky Lunch, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair.

After losing her streak to the Queen, Charlotte Flair, at Wrestle Mania 34, it would make sense to switch her over to team blue. I’m now wondering if Asuka is going to try a beat her old streak?

Another big shocked was seeing Big Cass, he was out on injury for a while, but he’s back! However, Carmella, the current Smackdown Women’s Champion and first Money in the Bank winner, and Big Cass did date, but things ended last year. Maybe they will relight their old flame?

Image result for smackdown live carmella with titleCarmella, the Smackdown Woman’s Champion.

The one person that we didn’t hear about, from either Raw or Smackdown, was Dean Ambrose. Currently, he has been out of action for 4 months and has been expected to be out for another 5 months. Unfortunately, because Dean Ambrose doesn’t use social media, we may not know the state of his condition anytime soon. It might just be a surprise, but let’s hope he recovers fast!

Here is the list for Smackdowns superstar shake up:

  • Men’s Division:
    • The Miz
    • Jeff Hardy
    • Samoa Joe
    • Big Cass
    • Eric Young
    • Alexander Wolfe
    • Killain Dain
    • Karl Anderson
    • Luke Gallows
    • Cesaro
    • Sheamus
    • R-Truth
    • Andrade Almas
  • Women’s Division:
    • Sonya Deville
    • Mandy Rose
    • Asuka
    • Zelina Vega

As always, here was the list of matches from this night:

  • AJ Styles vs. Rusev
    • AJ Styles wins by disqualification. Aiden English interrupts the match.
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
    • Jeff Hardy wins by pinfall.
  • Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper
    • Luke Harper wins by pinfall.
  • Samoa Joe vs. Sin Cara
    • Samoa Joe wins by submission.
  • Billie Kay vs. Charlotte Flair
    • Charlotte wins by submission.
  • AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev Day (Aiden English & Rusev)
    • AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan win by disqualification.
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Monday Night Raw Recap – Superstar Shake Up (April 16, 2018)

This weeks Raw was full of surprises. With the Superstar Shake up going on until Smackdown, we can expect there to be a lot of new changes.

The Superstar Shake up is when Raw and Smackdown, switch or exchange new Superstars. They either go to one or the other, or they stay put. This is also the time where new Superstars from NXT  make their way up to the big dogs on WWE.

With that in mind, let’s get into who has switched over or who has stayed!

So, first off, we see that the current WWE United States Champion, Jinder Mahal was first seen in the being of Raw, who unfortunately, lost the title to none other than Jeff Hardy. That’s what you get for pissing off Kurt Angle by trying to get a list of demands, just because you are the champion.

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsJeff Hardy walking away as the new United States Champion.

Since, the United States Title is on Raw, most likely, we will see the Intercountinal Championship (currently held by Seth Rollins) be moved over to Smackdown.

They also decided to move the Riot Squad over to Raw, I’m not really surprised. With Absolution missing their leader Paige (she ended up announcing her retirment, due to injury), and she becoming the new general manager of Smackdown, I figured they would switch the two groups to the other team.

Natalya, also a former member of Smackdown, has switched to Raw, and won her match against Mandy Rose. It also looks like Natalya is friends with Rhonda Rousey.  I can’t wait to see them do a tag team together.

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsRhonday Rousey coming in to save Natayla against Absolution.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens got onto Raw. Kurt Angle had given them a change to earn their spot on Raw last week. However, there was only one spot available and that they would have to vs each other to decide who would get that spot.  Unfortunately, neither one won the match, but Stephanie McMahon sent an e-mail to Kurt Angle saying that they both were on Raw. Which Sami Zayn read to the WWE Universe on Miz T.V..

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsMiz TV, when the Miz is told that he is the only one going to Smackdown and not the Miztourage.

Speaking of the Miz, he was the only one, at the moment that we know for sure is going to Smackdown. As requested by, Daniel Bryan, which I can’t wait to see Daniel Bryan finally be able to punch the Miz in the face, the Miz will be the only one returning back to Smackdown.

Here is the full list of moves:

  • Men’s Division:
    • Jinder Mahal
    • Kevin Owens
    • Sami Zayn
    • Zack Ryder
    • Tyler Breeze
    • Fandango
    • Mojo Rawley
    • Dolph Ziggler
    • Drew McIntyre
    • Baron Corbin
    • Bobby Roode
    • Mike Kanellis
    • Chad Gable
    • Konnor Viktor
  • Women’s Divison:
    • Liv Morgan
    • Sarah Logan
    • Ruby Riott
    • Natalya

At the end of every recap, I will be posted the list of matches that happen and who won. If you already haven’t seen Raw, this might be a spoiler alert!

  • United States Championship:
    • Jinder Mahal (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy
    • Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal and became the new United States Champion.
  • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
    • No winner via disqualification by the Riott Squad
  • Authors of Pain vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno
    • Authors of Pain win by pinfall
  • Tag Team Eliminator Final:
    • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs. The Revival
    • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt win by pinfall.
  • Ember Moon vs. Mickie James
    • Ember Moon won by pinfall.
  • Natayla vs. Mandy Rose
    • Natayla won by tap out.
  • Breezango vs. The Bar
    • The Bar won by pinfall
  • 10 Man Tag Team Match:
    • Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, and Bobby Roode vs. The Miz, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the Miztourage.
    • Strowman pinned the Miz and their tag team won the match.



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John Cena and Nikki Bella Over?

Image result for john cena and nikki bella wedding date

The news that John Cena and Nikki Bella have split up, has been all over the news. They both posted on social media that they had broke up and that the wedding was cancel. This isn’t the first time that they have broken up.

If you haven’t seen ‘Total Divas’ from season one, you wouldn’t know that these two love birds broke up before. John Cena has Nikki Bella multiple times that he never wants to get married or have children. That was the reasons why they separated from each other the first time.

Although, I kinda had a feeling that they were going to split. Every since Nikki Bella’s sister, Brie Bella, as had her daughter, Birdy, Nikki has thought about having a baby. She might not mention it, but if you look at the photo’s of her and Birdy, you can see that she wants a baby.

Image result for nikki bella and bridie

Nikki was probably hoping that John would change his mind about not having kids, but John did mention that because of his career and schedule, it would be difficult and not something he would want to put a child through.

I don’t blame him, but clearly, John’s mind has always been about his career. I was shocked that he even proposed to Nikki at Wrestle Mania 33.

Maybe Nikki realized that John was so focused on his career, that she didn’t want to miss out on becoming a mother or marrying someone who has time for her.

Hopefully, they can still be friends, but I think that would be a possibly.

As I was reading the comments, on social media on their break up, one of the comments said, “John probably said you can’t see me anymore.” You got to admit that was very clever.