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T.V. Show Review – Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014)

Hey Dearies! Here is another T.V. Show review that I have for you all! So, lately, I’ve been picking out more ‘biker’ books on Wattpad to read, which I have also found to fascinating about. I didn’t start reading books like that until after I watched Sons of Anarchy.

The show is about a group of bikers in Charming that are selling guns to other groups and clubs around. Not to mention, they are dealing with family relationships, other biker clubs, and of course the police.

Most of the show revolves around Jax, which is the vice president of the Sons and his father was apart of the biker gang but was killed and left behind a book, that his father wrote, about how he wanted the club to be.

In other words, Jax’s father never wanted to get into guns or drugs, nothing illegal, since he wanted the club to be more like a family than partners in a war battle. However, that all changed with Clay became president, which was Jax’s father’s best friend.

Not to mention Clay married Gemma, which is Jax’s mother after Jax’s father had died. This is weird, but you then find out that Clay and Gemma were getting together while they were still married.

The first season puts you on a roller coaster of problems and action. You not only see Jax struggle with his ex-wife almost killing their unborn son but an old flame of his, Tara, comes back to town.

But once you finish that first episode, you are glued into watching the show more and more. Well, for me, that was what it was like.

There are a lot of heartbreaking moments were main cast members die and the ending sad, but shocking. I don’t want to spoil it for those that really want to watch, but don’t Google what happens in the end like I did. Bad idea.

Overall, it is a show that definitely keeps you on your feet and makes you want to finish it till the end of the seasons.

Oh, and if you like Jax, as much as I do, he gets half-naked to fully naked plenty of times, which makes it even more exciting to watch since he is the eye candy of the entire show.


Good news, since the ending of Sons of Anarchy, there has been a spin-off called the Mayans MC, however, I’m not sure if they are working on new episodes or not since the director was fired. Also, the creator wants to create a series that is based on Jax’s sons, which we are currently waiting on when that will begin.

I highly recommend giving this a watch. Currently, the only place, other than buying the entire series, it is streaming on Hulu. Oh, and make sure you don’t want this with the kiddos around because there are a lot of guns, blood, drugs, bad language, and nakedness.

What did you think about Sons of Anarchy? Is it something you haven’t seen and can’t wait to start? Let me know in the comments down below!

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T.V. Show Review: Reba (2001-2007)

Growing up, Reba was one of those shows that were a classic funny show that could always keep your spirits up! When I was younger, I would be helping my mom fold clothes as we sat and watched Reba.

Reba was an amazing sitcom for sure! It was funny and talked about a lot of serious stuff that some T.V. shows, at the time, wouldn’t really bring it up. Some of the examples are divorce, affair, teen pregnancy & marriage, alcohol addiction, and so much more.

When it came to topics like that, they always had a serious moment about it, talking about the effects or aftermath of that, then they would start making jokes about it, but not in the way you are thinking.


If you haven’t seen Reba or don’t know what it is, let me give you a little preview on what it is about. Reba and her husband Brock are getting a divorce because he had an affair with his receptionist, Barbra-Jean (we will get into her later). While that is all going on, she finds out that her oldest daughter, Cheyenne, who gets pregnant in her last year of high school, by her boyfriend, Van. Not to mention, she also has two other children to take care of, Kyra and Jake.

At the beginning of the season, Reba has a lot on her plate, dealing with a divorce and her daughter getting pregnant at such as young age. Let me tell you, she takes this all on like a boss, no really.

What makes the icing on the cake is that the person who her ex-husband had an affair with, Barbra-Jean, try so hard to be friends with Reba, little does Reba know that she ends up liking the crazy homewrecker anyway.

Overall, this show is something I could watch over and over. That and there’s nothing better than watching Reba handle Barbra-Jean.

So, if you are looking for something to watch, during these times, I suggest to check out Reba, it’s on Hulu, and binge-watching the seasons!

Sadly, this show was canceled and ended, which was really sad because I was really looking forward to seeing Van and Cheyenne’s second child being born and knowing if Brock and Barbra-Jean stayed together, and also if Reba would every find someone for herself.

I guess we are left with a mystery, but it would be awesome if they are thinking about a reunion reboot series, I would LOVE that!

So, what do you think about Reba? Was it something that you grew up watching, just like myself? Let me know in the comments down below!

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T.V. Show Review: The Office (2005-2013)

If you are a super big Office fan, just like me, then you have probably seen the series more than once. And if you haven’t, you have until next year to binge-watch it on Netflix before 2021 because the rumor is, they are getting rid of it.

This drives me nuts because of the fact that they have already gotten rid of Friends and now, The Office.

Anyway, let’s talk about how amazing this T.V. show really is.

Now, if you are one of those people that have tried to watch the Office and couldn’t get into it, then you should try watching more than just an episode. Or clips on YouTube can really get you into watching it.

What really made the show amazing was Michael Scott, but sadly, Steve Carrell, the actor plays that character, left the show at the end of season 7. Which did make it harder to keep watching the Office when Michael left, but the other main characters were still there.


One of my favorite things about the Office is the pranks Jim plays on Dwight, they are not only priceless to watch by if you aren’t feeling the best mood, but they are also sure to make you crack a smile.


I love the way how Dwight reacts so well to the jokes that you can’t help, but laugh at it. One of the best pranks that is my favorite is when they prank call Dwight, making him think that he’s on a radio show. Here is the clip, if you are curious to know what happens next.

Anyway, the storyline is basically a documentary on a group of people that work for a paper company and they are documenting every part of it. In the last season, the documentary is aired and the entire cast gets to ‘relive’ what they have already recorded.


Like Jim and Pam get to rewatch how they went from being the best of friends to falling in love, getting married and having their children.

Not to mention, most of the cast that is ‘documented’ is the actual people who wrote episodes of the Office, which they weren’t originally supposed to be in the show, but ended up getting written in.

This T.V. show is just like Friends, very funny and the cast is very loveable. It can take a few episodes to get into it, but once you do, it is so funny!

What do you think about The Office? Is it on your favorites, when it comes to T.V. Shows to binge-watch or was it one of those shows you weren’t able to get into? Let me know done below!

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T.V. Show Review: Friends (1994-2004)

‘I’ll be there for you’

As soon as you hear those words, immediately think of Friends. Yes! We are talking about one of the most greatest T.V. series in the world and one of my all-time favorites to sit down and enjoy.


If you haven’t seen nor heard of Friends, then you must be living under a rock like Patrick Star! It’s a show about 6 friends, Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler, as you get to watch them live their lives, work, and wish that you could have a group of friends just like them.


It doesn’t matter what type of mood I’m in, Friends always makes me feel better. It’s one of those shows that I’ve seen multiple times, and I don’t have any shame either, that can literally put your mood from shitty to happy, after watching a few episodes.

The show is an all-time favorite but was sadly removed from Netflix, due to every other cable station becoming just like Netflix. So, I haven’t been able to watch Friends whenever I wanted since that happened at the beginning of 2020.

The show also talks about some big stuff or life problems that we can or do encounter as an adult, such as pregnancy, marriage, break-ups, divorce, changing jobs, family problems, or that famous line of Ross’s WE WERE ON A BREAK!


Which if you didn’t know, about Ross’s line of ‘We were on a break’, the show Friends made it clear on how if you were to take a break in a relationship, there are two ways your partner will see it as Ross’s side or Rachel’s side.


After that episode, more people had to enclose what an actual relationship break is. Not to mention, as much as we LOVED Ross and Rachel being together, their relationship was quite toxic than we wanted to believe.

I actually have this mug!

The best part about this show is that each person from the Friends group is quite different from each other:

  • Joey –  He was an actor, that wasn’t very smart when it comes to common sense, but was a lovable lady’s man that could get any woman he wanted by saying, ‘Hey, how you doin?’
  • Rachel – She was the snob of the group, born into a rich lifestyle, but was friends with Monica since high school. She also loves fashion, but don’t let her make a trifle.
  • Ross – Loves dinosaurs and getting married/divorced. He is definitely a nerd at heart and anything to do with science.
  • Monica – Is a fat kid at heart, loves to cook and make sure everything is neat and clean. She’s also pretty organized, so do not move her furniture an inch.
  • Chandler – The joker of the group and very sarcastic, no one really knows what his job entails, but it has to do with being a transponder, as Rachel calls it.
  • Pheobe – She’s the weird one from the group, but we all love her the same. She’s very musically and everyone knows her favorite song ‘Smelly Cat’.

As much as they are different from each other, they always have one other character that makes sure she is in every season of Friends, and one way you will know about who she is, by her laugh.


But their favorite place is hanging out in Central Perk, their favorite coffee shop that you’ll always see them in if they aren’t at Monica’s or Joey’s/Chandler’s apartment when they are all together, you can see the love that they all have for each other.


This show is something that is for everyone, whether you want to laugh, smile, or cry, they will always be there for you.

What do you think about Friends? Is it on your playlist of favorites? Let me know in the comments down below!




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T.V. Show Review: Once Upon A Time (2011-2018)

Hey Dearies! So, since I’ve started to do reviews on books, I wanted to start on T.V. shows as well. One of my favorites was Once Upon A Time, I watched it from the beginning and was immediately drawn into it.

However, to a lot of people, Once Upon A Time was very confusing and difficult to follow along, but after watching the entire series a few times, it was easier to follow along to the storyline.

For those of you who don’t know what the plot is, of course, it has something to do with fairytales and happily ever afters. Basically, Snow White and Prince Charming are getting married when the Evil Queen interrupts and tells them that she is going to cast a curse to get her happily ever after.

Fun Fact: The actors who played Snow and Charming fell in love during the making of Once Upon A Time. They are married and the writers wrote Snow to be pregnant when the actor who played her was pregnant. 

The curse is basically everyone being transferred into this new world that, or the real world, where they have forgotten who their former lives are and are living entirely different lives. However, the only way the curse can be broken is by Emma, Prince Charming and Snow White’s child that was born before the curse hit and was sent into a magical tree to make sure that she was saved in order to break the curse.

Emma and the Evil Queen.

Long story short, Emma is visited by her son, who she gave up for adoption when he was first born, and try to get Emma to break the curse by getting her to believe that everyone is part of a fairy tale.

If you want to see what the trailer for Once Upon A Time, check out this link:

Now, before I get more into the review, I want to make sure that there might be some spoilers to watch out for!

It’s a lot to get into, but the storyline catches on very quickly, however, they tend to write side characters out or kill them off before they get a good introduction. Not to mention, they go back and forth to the past and present quite a bit, which can confuse you.

For the first few seasons, they did pretty well, but some of the characters I wish had more on-screen time, such as Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Mulan.

Merida and Mulan.

The cast was perfect, especially for the Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, Captain Hook, Snow White, and Prince Charming. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the series is the last season. From season 1 to 6, you had the main cast members: Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming, Regina (Evil Queen), Mr. Gold ( Rumpelstiltskin, and Captian Hook.

Ain’t this pirate dreamy?!

Even though the last season did have Regina, Mr. Gold, and Captain Hook, it also made Henry grow up into an adult. It felt like something was missing, but the other castmates were ready to end the series, but they wanted one more season just so it was ended the right way.

Fun Fact: Have you ever played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? The actor, Robert Carlyle actually voices Dracula. 

It felt quite rushed, but one thing that bugged me is that they basically repeated what happened in season 1, having now Henry’s daughter come up to his room to get him to break the curse. Not to mention, Henry’s love interest was Cinderalla, but hardcore Once Upon A Time fans, we already met Cinderella back in season 1.

The Cinderella in the left is from Season 1 and the one of the right is from Season 7.


Although, I did like the fact that Regina finally gets her happy ending and becomes the Queen to all realms, since the writers did put her through hell and back, literally.

Overall, I think it was a really great show, other than a few minor flaws, it turned out quite wonderful. I’ve always loved fairytales and I always love to see how different people interpret them, such as Bella and Rumple being ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Beauty and the Beast.

If you are interested and want to check it out, Once Upon A Time is still on Netflix, not sure for how much longer, but all seasons are available!

What do you think about Once Upon A Time? Have you watched it, what are your thoughts? Be sure to let me down below in the comments!