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Movie Review: Ever After (1998)

Hey Dearies! Since I reviewed the book for this movie, I wanted to review the movie. Now, the book and the movie are very similar, but this movie is one of my all-time favorite Cinderella stories ever!

This is a movie that I have watched over and over again! Growing up, this is a movie that my mother and I could watch over and over again.

I also LOVE movies with the old setting or back when we used swords and axes instead of guns. I just love everything about that time period, I also think that love is more free and full of love back in those times as well.

The background for the story, if you haven’t read my review about the book, is that Danielle is 8 years old when her father remarries her new step-mother, who also happens to have 2 daughters around her age as well.

Her father ends up having a stroke while riding off for business and the step-mother is left with Danielle and their manor. After that, Danielle is forced to work and become a maid.

This also leads her to meet Prince Henry, who doesn’t want to be forced into an arranged marriage, steals her father’s horse and she knocks him off of the horse with just throwing an apple at his head. However, Henry doesn’t really look at her face but gives her money for your silence.


Back in the day, rules were followed to a point, if you did anything, dress above your station, hurt any of the royal family, steal, murder, etc, you were hung or stripped of your title and became a slave/maid.

Danielle dressed above her station, to save one of her father’s employees from being shipped off to the Americas, which led Henry to want to know who she was, just because she talked so passionately about the problems that were happening around the country.

I don’t want to give away any more of the movie, but I will say Danielle is very outspoken and isn’t afraid to voice her option. She stands up for others and she’s so passionate about it.

What I really like about her situation is that she has lived both lifestyles, which makes her understand the problems for both and how the poor or lower class is treated with trash, with no say for themselves because being ‘slaves’, which are controlled were to go by the coins in the rich folk’s pockets.

She inspires others to not judge a book by it’s cover and treat everyone fairly. Which is something I love about her character.

What do you think about this twist on a Cinderella story? Have you seen it or want to? Let me know in the comments down below!

Also, if you didn’t know this was created into a book and want to know how good it is, here is the link for the book review I did for it:


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Movie Review: Friends With Benefits (2011)

Hey Dearies! So, since we are sort of stuck at home and trying to find something to watch, other than binge-watching the same few TV Shows, this is the time to look back on some of those movies that weren’t really a ‘big’ hit but are super funny to watch.

This month’s it is the Friends With Benefits and boy is it hilarious!

So, the basic plotline of the movie is that two people, who just got out of relationships, don’t want to do the whole ‘relationship’ thing, but instead become ‘friends with benefits’.

Now, if you are living under a rock or don’t quite know the understanding of what a ‘friends with benefits’ is, well, let me explain to you what it is. It is when two friends agree to partake in having sex or any other pleasing activities, but doing this all without the title of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’.


Friends with benefits is quite a known thing that people do and it is mostly common with younger people, especially if they aren’t quite ready for a relationship, but still want to have needs met.

Anyway, this movie basically defined what a ‘friends with benefits’ is and the aftermath of having one, which can go one of two ways:

  1. The people that are ‘friends with benefits’ start to fall for each other and end up turning their agreement into a fulltime commitment.
  2. The people start to developed those feelings and end the agreement, usually because they don’t want to ruin the friendship.

I won’t tell you what really happens in the movie, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Not to mention, you understand their backstories and families, as they further along as people just having casual sex.


Which this movie makes it so hilarious, especially when they are hooking up for the first time, such as naming all the things that they like or don’t like or what will happen.

Overall, it’s just a cheesy, funny, comedy romance that just goes to show that anything can happen when you partake in the ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.

So, if you are looking for a laugh or just something that is plain old silly, this is perfect for you! I’m one of those people that just love the cheesy romance crap, as some people like to call it, but this movie takes it to that level where how a simple friendship can turn into something more than just sex.

What do you think of the movie, Friends With Benefits? Have you seen it or what to see it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Movie Review: Look Who’s Talking Too (1990)

Hey Dearies! Yes, this month we are doing the sequel to Look Who’s Talking! I figured I would keep them in order, however, I might not do the 3 installments of the saga, just because I might want to save it for December, who knows!

Anyway, so if you haven’t seen my review for the first movie, here is the link:

The sequel is about James and Molly, they have gotten married and are expecting a baby girl! Not to mention, this is when Mikey is a toddler and they are trying to train him to go potty, but get him excited to have the new title of ‘big brother’.

Which, let’s face it, it was so adorable how Mikey gets excited and ready to take care of his big sister.

One of the reasons why I like the second one, a little be more than the first, is because it highlights a problem that all relationships come across when they are first married. Communication.


The reason why I like the fact that they talk about a subject, such as a big one like this, is because you don’t see a lot of movies that show a married or relationship that has trouble maintaining that relationship, especially with kids involved.

To spoil it for you, but don’t worry, the ending is a very happy outcome, Molly and James separate after their daughter is born. With the relationship under a lot of stress, with money problems, Molly’s brother and best friend living with them all, it can overwhelm a couple for sure.

Not to mention the way Molly realizes that she misses James and how much she wants to make it all work out because she loves him.

Let’s get back to the babies! So, Mikey is a little older than we last saw him in the first one, he was about 1, but now I would stay he’s around 3ish since they are focusing him on being a ‘big boy’ and training him to use the potty.


As I said before, Mikey gets very excited for his new sister, Juile, but once he sees that his parents are focused on her more than him, he gets jealous, which happens to all siblings at one point.

Overall, this movie talks about a lot, but in a very funny way. My favorite part of the movie is when Mikey has a nightmare about the toilet coming to life saying that it’s gonna eat his ‘doo-doo’ and his ‘pee-pee’.

So, what was your favorite part of Look Who’s Talking Too? Or is it something you haven’t seen yet? Let me know in the comments down below!


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Movie Review: Look Who’s Talking (1989)

If you aren’t an 80’s fan and haven’t seen this movie, then you are totally missing out! This is one of my all-time favorites when it has to do with babies. If you haven’t seen this movie, do be prepared for some spoilers, but just because I spoiled the movie for you, doesn’t mean you need to not see it!

Here is the trailer:

This movie is about a woman, named Mollie, who becomes pregnant with her ‘boyfriend’, Albert, who is also a married man. She ends up having a son, named Mikey and hires a male babysitter, who is the taxi driver who drives and was there when her son was born.

The movie shows two sides, Mollie, who struggles to be a single mom when her ‘boyfriend’ leaves her to be on her own and the point of view of Mikey. Which was something that made the movie great! Seeing what a baby might be thinking about when they grow and when they become apart of the real world.

Not to mention, the movie shines a light on how hard it really is to be a single mother, especially when the father isn’t in the picture. It paints more than just a picture of a single mother, but also someone, who isn’t the father, can step up and take over the role without even making an effort to do so.


Because this was released in the ’80s, it gave women hope that they don’t need to have a man in their life to raise their child and that they don’t need to go looking for a man because, in time, the right one could be somewhere where you least expected.

The movie also shows milestones that every parent gets to see as their children grow, although the milestones are only from birth till about almost 2 years old, it’s amazing to see how quickly milestones can be. In a movie, it can go from a few seconds, as they grow, but in real life, it goes much quicker.


I also find the relationship that forms between Mikey and James. Even though he isn’t Mikey’s biological child, they have a bond that every father wishes they could have with their children.

In the end, the movie makes a good point to that even if you lost love, another will come around and accept you and your children.

Overall, I love this movie! It is perfect for whatever mood you are in, not to mention, very funny and points out a lot of stuff about having a baby that most of everyone has forgotten about.

Not to mention, there are two more movies that do follow with this.

What do you think about Look Who’s Talking? Is it a movie you have already seen or not? If you have seen it, have you seen the other two movies that go with it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Movie Review: The Kissing Booth (2018)

The Kissing Booth is a trailer that I saw on Facebook and I wanted to see it so bad! Although the movie didn’t receive great reviews from those very critical critics, I thought it was a super funny teen romance that all of us girls wished we had.

This movie was actually a book, I’m surprised I haven’t read it, but it’s on the list of my must-reads! There are 3 books to this saga, but we are only going to talk about the movie in this review. Not to mention, this book was originally published on Wattpad, the currently place to find any of my works as well!


The movie is about Elle Evans and Lee Flynn, the best of friends, and how they decided to run a kissing booth for their dance team, especially since Elle has never been kissed, but runs a kissing booth. However, Elle and Lee have to try and get Noah Flynn, Lee’s older brother, to do the kissing booth.

The spin on this kissing booth, is that it’s not just one person kissing everyone, they switch it up, having different guys and girls for the booth, however, the kisser is blindfolded.


With that being said, you would think the story is about Lee and Elle getting together as a couple, but you are so wrong! Since they grew up as best friends, they have a list of rules for their friendship. With one of the rules that Noah being off-limits.

Basically, it’s a teen romance that can’t happen, but it does. I don’t want to spoil the entire movie either.

If you are looking for a fun girls night flick or want something completely out of your comfort zone, this is definitely worth a watch! Yes, the romance may be cheesy or unlikely to happen in real life, but it’s a fantasy that all of us have either dreamed about or wanted to try it out.

Not to mention, as if they would have a rich house to get drunk and party in, which is what a lot of critics complained about, or what they didn’t like about the film. I understand they don’t like it, but as if they didn’t do that when they were teens? Not to mention, throwing a party, as a teenager today, would have been shut down as soon as a bunch of cars started to be parked around the house.

This is a movie I can definitely watch over and over again. However, this might not be something your spouse will want to watch with you all the time. I can see this being on a mixed movie playlist for a girl’s night in if any of us moms get the chance to have one.

Overall, most people look at the critic reviews before actually listening to the fans or watching the film itself. There are a lot of movies that critics have trashed on, but yet the fans have a more positive outcome about the movie. To me, I trust watching the movie itself before going ahead and judging it.


If you would like to watch this movie, it is currently streaming on Netflix and they also have a sequel in the works that has yet to have a date release on when it’s coming out.

What do you think about The Kissing Booth? Have you watched it or is it something you haven’t seen yet? Let me know what you think about the movie done below!