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Sims 3 Let’s Play: Not So Berry Challenge

Hey Dearies! I know it has been a while since I have posted anything gaming-related, but lately, I have been in the mood to play Sims and I figured it would be easier to write and snap pictures while I do the challenge instead of recording it.

So, I figured I would start with this challenge, which is like a Legacy Challenge with a cool twist to it. However, instead of counting points when you do something, like have a baby or get a promotion, you follow more of a checklist of items that you need to get done before the 1st generation becomes an elder or dies.

I like challenges that go by a checklist instead of points because it gives you some more fun to play around with your Sims, which can make the game more fun and not so boring.

So, this isn’t my own challenge that I have created. Here is the link to the creator this challenge:,The%20following%20lists%20the%20rules%20of%20the%20challenge.


The rules for this challenge are pretty simple: Sims have to represent the color of there generation, you can live where ever, and each generation has to complete there career and it’s goals.

Yes, this challenge is meant for the Sims 4, but with any of these challenges, you can adjust or change the challenge in any way that can help you. I’ll be using the Sims 3 for this challenge since the Sims 3 is my favorite.

Generation List of Goals

So, with every generation, they not only have to be the same color, they also need to complete all the goals necessary as well. Now, each generation is going to have a different career path, not to mention, a lifetime wish as well that need to be completed before your Sim either gets too old, or the next generation Sim becomes an young adult/adult. Here is a list of the generations, there color, and career:

  • Generation 1: Mint
    • Science Career
  • Generation 2: Rose
    • Politics Career
  • Generation 3: Yellow
    • Military
  • Generation 4: Grey
    • Athletic Career
  • Generation 5: Plum
    • Business Career (Slacker), Medical Career, or Entertainment Career
  • Generation 6: Orange
    • Criminal Career
  • Generation 7: Pink
    • Business Career
  • Generation 8: Peach
    • Law Enforcement Career
  • Generation 9: Green
    • Gamer Career or Music Career
  • Generation 10: Blue
    • Journalism Career

As you can see, some of the careers have some options if you have the expansion pack or mod downloaded for it, but most of these challenges try to keep it around the base game careers, just because not everyone has the expansion packs with the many different careers that there is to choose from.

I won’t go into the details of each challenge as I will be posting a post on each generation, letting you know what goals had to be completed and whatever else that happened during that generation.

My goal is to try and get a generation completed by the end of the week, but we will see how that all goes. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I do have the Supernatural Pack, but I have it set that there are no Vampires, Werewolfs, Fairies or Witches. I will be keeping it on for the ghosts.

So, keep an eye out for the next post on how the first generation goes for me!