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Movie Review: Ever After (1998)

Hey Dearies! Since I reviewed the book for this movie, I wanted to review the movie. Now, the book and the movie are very similar, but this movie is one of my all-time favorite Cinderella stories ever!

This is a movie that I have watched over and over again! Growing up, this is a movie that my mother and I could watch over and over again.

I also LOVE movies with the old setting or back when we used swords and axes instead of guns. I just love everything about that time period, I also think that love is more free and full of love back in those times as well.

The background for the story, if you haven’t read my review about the book, is that Danielle is 8 years old when her father remarries her new step-mother, who also happens to have 2 daughters around her age as well.

Her father ends up having a stroke while riding off for business and the step-mother is left with Danielle and their manor. After that, Danielle is forced to work and become a maid.

This also leads her to meet Prince Henry, who doesn’t want to be forced into an arranged marriage, steals her father’s horse and she knocks him off of the horse with just throwing an apple at his head. However, Henry doesn’t really look at her face but gives her money for your silence.


Back in the day, rules were followed to a point, if you did anything, dress above your station, hurt any of the royal family, steal, murder, etc, you were hung or stripped of your title and became a slave/maid.

Danielle dressed above her station, to save one of her father’s employees from being shipped off to the Americas, which led Henry to want to know who she was, just because she talked so passionately about the problems that were happening around the country.

I don’t want to give away any more of the movie, but I will say Danielle is very outspoken and isn’t afraid to voice her option. She stands up for others and she’s so passionate about it.

What I really like about her situation is that she has lived both lifestyles, which makes her understand the problems for both and how the poor or lower class is treated with trash, with no say for themselves because being ‘slaves’, which are controlled were to go by the coins in the rich folk’s pockets.

She inspires others to not judge a book by it’s cover and treat everyone fairly. Which is something I love about her character.

What do you think about this twist on a Cinderella story? Have you seen it or want to? Let me know in the comments down below!

Also, if you didn’t know this was created into a book and want to know how good it is, here is the link for the book review I did for it: