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T.V. Show Review – Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014)

Hey Dearies! Here is another T.V. Show review that I have for you all! So, lately, I’ve been picking out more ‘biker’ books on Wattpad to read, which I have also found to fascinating about. I didn’t start reading books like that until after I watched Sons of Anarchy.

The show is about a group of bikers in Charming that are selling guns to other groups and clubs around. Not to mention, they are dealing with family relationships, other biker clubs, and of course the police.

Most of the show revolves around Jax, which is the vice president of the Sons and his father was apart of the biker gang but was killed and left behind a book, that his father wrote, about how he wanted the club to be.

In other words, Jax’s father never wanted to get into guns or drugs, nothing illegal, since he wanted the club to be more like a family than partners in a war battle. However, that all changed with Clay became president, which was Jax’s father’s best friend.

Not to mention Clay married Gemma, which is Jax’s mother after Jax’s father had died. This is weird, but you then find out that Clay and Gemma were getting together while they were still married.

The first season puts you on a roller coaster of problems and action. You not only see Jax struggle with his ex-wife almost killing their unborn son but an old flame of his, Tara, comes back to town.

But once you finish that first episode, you are glued into watching the show more and more. Well, for me, that was what it was like.

There are a lot of heartbreaking moments were main cast members die and the ending sad, but shocking. I don’t want to spoil it for those that really want to watch, but don’t Google what happens in the end like I did. Bad idea.

Overall, it is a show that definitely keeps you on your feet and makes you want to finish it till the end of the seasons.

Oh, and if you like Jax, as much as I do, he gets half-naked to fully naked plenty of times, which makes it even more exciting to watch since he is the eye candy of the entire show.


Good news, since the ending of Sons of Anarchy, there has been a spin-off called the Mayans MC, however, I’m not sure if they are working on new episodes or not since the director was fired. Also, the creator wants to create a series that is based on Jax’s sons, which we are currently waiting on when that will begin.

I highly recommend giving this a watch. Currently, the only place, other than buying the entire series, it is streaming on Hulu. Oh, and make sure you don’t want this with the kiddos around because there are a lot of guns, blood, drugs, bad language, and nakedness.

What did you think about Sons of Anarchy? Is it something you haven’t seen and can’t wait to start? Let me know in the comments down below!


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