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Movie Review: Look Who’s Talking Too (1990)

Hey Dearies! Yes, this month we are doing the sequel to Look Who’s Talking! I figured I would keep them in order, however, I might not do the 3 installments of the saga, just because I might want to save it for December, who knows!

Anyway, so if you haven’t seen my review for the first movie, here is the link:

The sequel is about James and Molly, they have gotten married and are expecting a baby girl! Not to mention, this is when Mikey is a toddler and they are trying to train him to go potty, but get him excited to have the new title of ‘big brother’.

Which, let’s face it, it was so adorable how Mikey gets excited and ready to take care of his big sister.

One of the reasons why I like the second one, a little be more than the first, is because it highlights a problem that all relationships come across when they are first married. Communication.


The reason why I like the fact that they talk about a subject, such as a big one like this, is because you don’t see a lot of movies that show a married or relationship that has trouble maintaining that relationship, especially with kids involved.

To spoil it for you, but don’t worry, the ending is a very happy outcome, Molly and James separate after their daughter is born. With the relationship under a lot of stress, with money problems, Molly’s brother and best friend living with them all, it can overwhelm a couple for sure.

Not to mention the way Molly realizes that she misses James and how much she wants to make it all work out because she loves him.

Let’s get back to the babies! So, Mikey is a little older than we last saw him in the first one, he was about 1, but now I would stay he’s around 3ish since they are focusing him on being a ‘big boy’ and training him to use the potty.


As I said before, Mikey gets very excited for his new sister, Juile, but once he sees that his parents are focused on her more than him, he gets jealous, which happens to all siblings at one point.

Overall, this movie talks about a lot, but in a very funny way. My favorite part of the movie is when Mikey has a nightmare about the toilet coming to life saying that it’s gonna eat his ‘doo-doo’ and his ‘pee-pee’.

So, what was your favorite part of Look Who’s Talking Too? Or is it something you haven’t seen yet? Let me know in the comments down below!



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