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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of the women that is apart of the Women’s Revolution and she has played many roles in her time of being switched to the main roster. From title shots and being in matches that women weren’t normally in, she was a fan favorite.

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At the moment, she really isn’t in a major story line, expect being in fights with her BFF Bayley. With Hell in a Cell coming up, hopefully she will have a match because we haven’t seen her much on pay-per-view. Maybe with the fights that Bayley and Sasha get into, it might be a match between the two.

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Sasha was brought onto the WWE roster at the same time as Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, to start the Women’s Revolution. She started in a group called Team B.A.D (which stand for Beautiful and Dangerous).

Once the whole ‘Team B.A.D.’ was done and gone, Banks started getting into a feud, that lasted quite a bit, between Charlotte Flair. Between her and Flair, they had the Raw Women’s Champion passing back between the two. I personally thought it wasn’t the best move, I wish they would’ve had Sasha defend her title for a little bit longer and not against Charlotte all the time.

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I think during that time, I really got bored of the Charlotte vs. Banks matches. They were the same thing, or boring, as some people took it. I will give them credit on the Hell in a Cell match, but almost the entire year, if not half of it, these two were fighting constantly for the title.

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Sasha is actually married, her and her husband(Sarath Ton), got married in 2016.  She is also first cousins with Snoop Dogg and he helped her with her wrestling character. He even came out at her first Wrestlemaina title match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

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Titles she has won:

  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship – 4 times


Next Wednesday, we are going to talk about someone from the Smackdown Live roster!



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