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WWE Smackdown Superstar Of The Week – R-Truth

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Whats up! Yes, we are going to be talking about R-Truth! He is this Superstar of the Week! He has been in the company for quite some time, although, now, he is used as a joke, we are going to talk about some of the feuds and titles he has one being on the WWE roster.

R-Truth has been almost everywhere, when it comes to feuds, from the Miz to Kofi Kingston to becoming the Golden Truth. He has been moved around a lot. He has also had a lot of title chances, but I guess the WWE creative hasn’t seen him as championship material.

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What he’s doing right now, isn’t much. He has had one match since being one the Smackdown Live roster. I’m not sure why the Golden Truth broke, but it was very funny when Truth was trying to be like Tyler Breeze and had a stick for a selfie stick.

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A little bit about him, he is married and has one daughter, that could be why he has been off and on TV so much, as some wrestlers try and make their family life more important, which is totally understandable when you are always on the road constantly. He is 46 years old, too, which could be stopping the WWE creative team from getting him risky matches.

List of titles he has won:

  • WWF Hardcore Championship – 2 times
  • WWE United States Championship – 1 time
  • WWE Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston – 1 time


Next week we will head over to out Raw roster and talk about someone from their Women’s Division. 



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