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WWE Raw Superstar Of The Week – Dana Brooke

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Play time is over! Yes, Dana Brooke is the Raw Superstar of the week! I figured I would switch it up a bit and talk about a Superstar from the Women’s Division.

Dana Brooke made her first appearance to the WWE spotlight, as a protegé for none other that the Nature Boy’s daughter, Charlotte Flair. As usual, not many people will like you if you help the champion keep their title, but the more we booed, the more Brooke would interfere with matches.

Now, I will only be talking about Brooke being on the WWE roster, not her past in NXT.

Being Flairs protege only lasted for so long, until Brooke finally had a new story line, where she was no longer by Flairs side and went against her. After that, Brooke hasn’t been in many story lines, since being on the side of Flair.

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It sucks because that’s all we really remember of her. Currently, she is apart of Titus World Wide, waiting her talent as a side show clown, as I like to call it. She has been in a few matches, but as this point, Brooke is a sitting duck.

When you become a sitting duck in the WWE, usually, you are going to be let go anytime soon, but who knows. Maybe one day, we will be surprised and see her go in a feud with Nia Jax or even Alexa Bliss.

Brooke was in a relationship with Dallas McCarver until he passed away in 2017. Unfortunately, Brooke hasn’t won any titles in the WWE, yet, but I am hoping that they make her champ, at least once.

Tune in next Wednesday for the Smackdown Superstar of the week!



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