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WWE Smackdown Live – Randy Orton (Superstar Of The Week)

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The Viper, Randy Orton, has been in WWE since the Attitude Era, which was one of my favorite Eras of WWE. Currently, we haven’t seen much of this Superstar due to an knee injury. Randy was never one to disappoint in the ring.

I think that we can all agree that we got pumped up and excited for him to give anyone a RKO. Plus he was the youngest Superstar to every become a WWE Champion. Orton has been a fan favorite for years, and his Championship list is quite impressive, too.

Orton is a father to 3 girls, 1 from his first married and two from his second. He was also one of the many Superstars that were involved with the WWE Steroid case.

He has had feuds with the Undertaker, Triple H, etc. His last feud was with Bray Wyatt, and he basically became a part of the Wyatt family, then burned down sister Abigail resting place.

The Viper is known to be the badass of the WWE roster. Raw or Smackdown Live are lucky to have him. Now, we just have to sit and wait until he is medically cleared to get back into the ring. My guess, is that he is going to go after Jeff Hardy, but who knows what WWE Creative Team will direct Orton.

List of Champions:

  • World Heavy Weight Champion – 4 times
  • Tag Team Champion with Edge – 1 time
  • WWE Champion – 9 times
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion – 1 time
  • WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper – 1 time
  • WWE United States Champion – 1 time
  • Money in the Bank Winner – 2013
  • Royal Rumble Winner – 2009 and 2017

Check out next Wednesday for another Superstar of the Week! Every other week I will switch between the two. Once a month, I will talk about a Hall Of Famer, which will be a surprise! Keep an eye out for those as well!