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*New* YouTube Channel For Podcasts!

Me with Liam's necklace

Hello my dearies! I just wanted to talk about the new YouTube channel that will have all my podcast and other extra stuff on the side. So, let me break down my channel for a second!

I created the channel awhile back, but I haven’t really done much with it because me being afraid with confrontation. I created this channel back in high school and I did have videos on there, except, I deleted them all because people were very rude on how I was in my videos.

So, now, that I feel more confident, I actually want to starting making videos again. I’m in the mind set that I am going to ignore all the negatives, that people say and just focus on the positives.

I want my channel to be full of positive stuff vs. it being full of negatives.

I do have a video out on my channel, its just an intro of what my channel will be, but soon, I will have my first podcast video. I will be talking about Once Upon A Time, the TV show. Basically, I will recapping all of the moments that made us cry or smile or hate the show. I’ll be recapping all the seasons and up to the final episode.

Look out for that!

Also, I will be making videos on gaming, crafts, books, motherhood, etc. So, it will be a little bit of everything.

If you are intersecting in watching the first video I got on my channel, click on this link


I’ll keep everyone posted on any new videos or podcasts that are soon to come!



I am a mother of two beautiful babies, a son(Liam) and a daughter(Isabella). I have been with my fiance since 2014. I am also a stay at home mom who loves to game, read, write, and do any kinds of crafts.

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