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Monday Night Raw Recap – Superstar Shake Up (April 16, 2018)

This weeks Raw was full of surprises. With the Superstar Shake up going on until Smackdown, we can expect there to be a lot of new changes.

The Superstar Shake up is when Raw and Smackdown, switch or exchange new Superstars. They either go to one or the other, or they stay put. This is also the time where new Superstars from NXT  make their way up to the big dogs on WWE.

With that in mind, let’s get into who has switched over or who has stayed!

So, first off, we see that the current WWE United States Champion, Jinder Mahal was first seen in the being of Raw, who unfortunately, lost the title to none other than Jeff Hardy. That’s what you get for pissing off Kurt Angle by trying to get a list of demands, just because you are the champion.

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsJeff Hardy walking away as the new United States Champion.

Since, the United States Title is on Raw, most likely, we will see the Intercountinal Championship (currently held by Seth Rollins) be moved over to Smackdown.

They also decided to move the Riot Squad over to Raw, I’m not really surprised. With Absolution missing their leader Paige (she ended up announcing her retirment, due to injury), and she becoming the new general manager of Smackdown, I figured they would switch the two groups to the other team.

Natalya, also a former member of Smackdown, has switched to Raw, and won her match against Mandy Rose. It also looks like Natalya is friends with Rhonda Rousey.  I can’t wait to see them do a tag team together.

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsRhonday Rousey coming in to save Natayla against Absolution.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens got onto Raw. Kurt Angle had given them a change to earn their spot on Raw last week. However, there was only one spot available and that they would have to vs each other to decide who would get that spot.  Unfortunately, neither one won the match, but Stephanie McMahon sent an e-mail to Kurt Angle saying that they both were on Raw. Which Sami Zayn read to the WWE Universe on Miz T.V..

Image result for superstar shakeup 2018 resultsMiz TV, when the Miz is told that he is the only one going to Smackdown and not the Miztourage.

Speaking of the Miz, he was the only one, at the moment that we know for sure is going to Smackdown. As requested by, Daniel Bryan, which I can’t wait to see Daniel Bryan finally be able to punch the Miz in the face, the Miz will be the only one returning back to Smackdown.

Here is the full list of moves:

  • Men’s Division:
    • Jinder Mahal
    • Kevin Owens
    • Sami Zayn
    • Zack Ryder
    • Tyler Breeze
    • Fandango
    • Mojo Rawley
    • Dolph Ziggler
    • Drew McIntyre
    • Baron Corbin
    • Bobby Roode
    • Mike Kanellis
    • Chad Gable
    • Konnor Viktor
  • Women’s Divison:
    • Liv Morgan
    • Sarah Logan
    • Ruby Riott
    • Natalya

At the end of every recap, I will be posted the list of matches that happen and who won. If you already haven’t seen Raw, this might be a spoiler alert!

  • United States Championship:
    • Jinder Mahal (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy
    • Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal and became the new United States Champion.
  • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
    • No winner via disqualification by the Riott Squad
  • Authors of Pain vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno
    • Authors of Pain win by pinfall
  • Tag Team Eliminator Final:
    • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs. The Revival
    • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt win by pinfall.
  • Ember Moon vs. Mickie James
    • Ember Moon won by pinfall.
  • Natayla vs. Mandy Rose
    • Natayla won by tap out.
  • Breezango vs. The Bar
    • The Bar won by pinfall
  • 10 Man Tag Team Match:
    • Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, and Bobby Roode vs. The Miz, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the Miztourage.
    • Strowman pinned the Miz and their tag team won the match.




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