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Mom Talk: Feeding

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When I had my son, I tried to breast feed, but he only latched on once. Throughout the rest of his short life, I pumped every 3 hours, and I barely got an ounce from both of my breasts.

I told myself that maybe I wasn’t getting enough simuation? I didn’t get to have him on my chest, when he was first born because of his heart condition. After that, I had a day to hold him, before he went into surgery, after that, I wasn’t aloud to hold him until he was no on as many tubes and wires.

I figured that when I had my daughter, I would be able to breast feed, since she was able to be put on my chest, once she was born. I just kept breastfeeding, but when we went to her first check up, I knew that I wasn’t making enough for her to be full. So, I had to put her on formula.

I tired everything: drinking water, eating milk cookies or bars, drinking mother’s milk tea, but nothing worked. Finally, I had to face the facts that I couldn’t do the one thing that a mother was supposed to do.

But, I kept telling myself: ‘as long as she is fed, that’s all that matters.’ It is a struggle, but I did find out that not a lot of mother’s could breast feed, just like me. Which made it easier that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t.

I had a lot of people told me that ‘breast is best’ or ‘if your baby doesn’t drink breast milk, they won’t be able to learn or develop like they should.’ If you can’t make enough for your baby to eat, why judge the mothers that had no choice, but to choose formula?

We shouldn’t judge on how parents feed their child, whether its breast milk or formula, as long as the baby is happy, healthy, and fed. That’s all that really matters.




I'm a mother of two. I'm a writer, artist, creator, crocheter, and book lover. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

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